Coporate Empires Essay Research Paper Corporate EmpiresCorporate

Coporate Empires Essay, Research Paper

Corporate Empires.

Corporate empires are the downfall of civilization. If society continues to allow the corporate giants to monopolize our economy we will lose our rights as individuals. Corporate empires use people as puppet subjects for their schemes and plans. When corporate empires take control of the economy they create monopolies, which kill the free market and stamp out the rights of the individual which in turn leads to wide spread conformity of the masses.

Through monopolization of the economy we lose our rights and freedom of choice, expression, and information. The monopolies own and/or control the media in which our information is delivered. They own or control the television networks, newspaper chains, the radio stations, and the internet companies. Through these forms of media the corporate giants control what we learn, what we can say to the masses, and what we hear others say.

These giant monopolies exploit the resources of the nation when they take over the economic market. They exhaust the natural resources through mass production. They alienate the worker from other labour forces by keeping the competition between the workers high. For example, by promising promotion to the worker who can give the most of his/her time, maintain a high speed of production and give blind obedience to the company.

Corporate empires rely on brain washing though propaganda, symbolism, and slogans to attract new followers to undercut their competitions market. Through mass advertising the major competitors brain wash people into following them. For example the symbol is a powerful brainwashing tactic, the NIKE Swoosh. Everyone knows what the swoosh is. Another powerful example is the golden arches of McDonalds. Every little kid when they see the golden arches wants McDonalds. If you are driving down the road and you see the arches you always seem to say to yourself ummm am I hungry?

There is also the ad campaign that every major company spends millions of dollars on every year. The ads are forms of propaganda they tell you, BUY me I am Better than the alternative. These ads are what inform us of the symbols that we associate with the company that we think of when we see the symbol. There is one last form of brain washing that comes from the ads, slogans.

Slogans are the second most powerful form of brain washing. They are that little saying or jingle that stick in your head when you are thinking of nothing. When you watch a commercial on T.V. or listen to the radio you can always sing along or repeat what they are saying.

If you were to add up the factors in which I have just been discussing you would see that this leads up to conformity. Conformity is the worst result from corporate imperialism it leads to loss of personal identity and national identity. They create a society that thinks alike, looks alike and thinks alike. This is dangerous because it stops new companies from being able to get into the market and it becomes impossible to change the ideas of the people under the influence of the corporate power.

Corporate empires brings about the end of democracy, therefore we become slaves of the corporate masters and puppets of the monopoly. I feel that government should step in before it is too late and we the people of the nations that are being effected by this imperialist take over must put a stop to the continuous growth of the corporate imperialist machine.


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