Hispanics In The US Essay Research Paper

Hispanics In The US Essay, Research Paper

“I do not know how to feel about Latinos here. This [is] my home. I do not feel like I have took it from no one?” says Ramerro Hernandez, a twenty-five year old hispanic originally from Mexico. “I think it was harder when I was a kid. No one had it good. I really think [of] this as my home. I am American, just like the whites.” Ramerro moved to Texas when he was two or three, he doesn’t really remember. He grew up to two cultures: Ours and his. Thus, he became a Latin American.

“I remember my mom tell us not to talk to the white people, they not [know] how to deal with us, we were [better than] them,” he remembers with a smile. “I believe her ’till me and ‘Berto go to school. The kids just thought we was no good. When you grow [up] with that hate, you start to think it [is] true.”

When he was 13, him, his mom, and 4 older brothers moved to Iowa. His father had recently died from “the sickness” and they thought there would be more jobs. He tells me how he never when to school here, didn’t learned how to write English until he started working in McDonalds. “I know more now, but I still don’t understand all you say.”

Ramerro is just one in millions of Hispanics living in the U.S. In 2050, it is estimated that 25% of the U.S. with be Hispanic. How is it to say that some day, we, the Anglos, will not be the minority? Why do we feel superior? Is it because of our pride? Why did our ancestors come tot his great land anyway? To discriminate and judge others? To give them unequal opportunities? No, I don’t believe they did. They came here to create a place for people to live peacefully together. And not everyone is getting that.

“?No community in any state will be assured of escaping the ravages now hitting California and southern Florida?” says a brochure for NumbersUSA.com. What did our four fathers do but immigrate here and take land form the people already here? Then why can’t we let others do the same? If people are not accepted, no one can be happy.

The life of a minority is difficult. Always wondering what they are thought of as, getting a job, finding schooling. With all these pressures placed on the shoulders of Hispanics, it is no wonder the drop out rate is so high. Some teachers believe, not necessarily because of racism, that minorities don’t have as much potential as a Anglo student. A “C” in for a hispanic is an acceptable grade, where as a “C” for an Anglo is below average. If minorities are to raise the average grade from a “C” to a “A” then the expectation must be set just the same as the other students. I am nit saying that there will be certain barriers such as language, but that is easily over come with ESL classes.

Are we superior? No. But Americans has the preconceived notion that anything different from us is less than us. But isn’t that why we left our countries to come to the new world? To escape the idea the someone being is higher than us? Yet today, that is what is practiced, perhaps not on a gargantuan level but it is still around. I think that if we are to learn to accept minorities, we must accept the concept that everyone is equal.

I have been told I have “Iowa stubbornness” and perhaps I do. I know many people with stubbornness. But there is a difference between being stubborn and pig-headed. If you are stubborn perhaps you believe in what you are doing, or perhaps you don’t want to swallow your pride But being pig-headed is not needed. When someone takes this attitude of self-assurance and egotism, pride is going out of control. We must harness the energies to bring good to our diverse country, where everyone can live peacefully together, not it in hate.

I think most people accept Hispanic in there everyday lives. Anglos listen to Latino music, drink Mexican beer, and learn a Latin song in Elementary school. Then why is it that Hispanics are thought of as less motivated or less caring in school than us? Everyone has problems, but Hispanics often drop out because they need to work, be with family, or other family related matters. We as Americans do not understand this bond with family. When you are 18 you are practically kicked out of your house and told to fend for yourself, where as a Latino family is with each other always, through good times and bad. Which is why money or other things keep them from school. It is not that they don’t care and can’t learn it, family is just more important to them.

It is important to understand that Hispanics CAN succeed with the proper motivation. Anglos motivation consist of getting a good job, having money. Teachers need to focus on what is important to Latinos. FAMILY. This is why we need to help. To better our country as a whole. “My wife is white, I am not. We get together fine. But other whites, they don’t understand. It hard for us here. I need money to have my family. School is no helping. I am poor, I am always poor,” says Ramerro. Is this how we would want our children to feel?

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