Nationalism Vs Globalization Essay Research Paper Survival

Nationalism Vs. Globalization Essay, Research Paper

Survival of the fittest. A term familiar to most, and more importantly, a phrase lived by all existence. It is Nature s most basic ideal that resides in all living beings. From the ancient times of the dinosaurs to the modern generation of the human being. According to Charles Darwin, through the process of natural selection, nature ensued that only those who posses physical characteristics that were suited to their environment would survive. All those who not, die. A homogenous species of any kind would not likely survive for a very long duration. If a simple trait that a race needed to survive were not present, such as resistance to cold temperatures, this group of living organisms would all die off. Diversity makes certain groups inherit various characteristics and thus life will preserved for another generation. If there is a wider range of attributes, then there is a more resistance to failure. In fact, certain adaptation over the course of millions of years have contributed to the survival of species. The present day alligator has been around since the Jurassic time period. Through fossils, studies have showed the numerous structural adaptations that proceeded to support the species. Such things as the tail and webbed tendrils to help swim faster, sharpened teeth to devour prey more easily and heightened, and also developed a elevated nasal cavity to aid in them hunting.

This same concept can be applied to human beings. As we all know, the human race is all but one whole. There are hundreds of thousands of divisions amongst itself. Things such as race, creed, color and region all affect the classification of which a human is put under. The question of having a more universal, homogenous race of humans or a more melting pot humanity is yet to be answered. Under a movement towards a universal government system provides less differenciallity between people and thus a more harmonious state is achieved. Major problems such as racism, genocide and inequality are eliminated if society is to be placed under one central leader. But there is a price to pay if only one dominant figure rules the human race. Diversity, variety and room for change is lost and forgotten. Identities of oneself is lost, there is no I but rather replaced with we . Also, a balance of power is radically shifted under a global government system due to the power that is held in the hands of a few, or a oligarchy. As one can clearly see, there is more disadvantage into moving towards a more universal government system.

Undoubtedly, human kind is very natural. There are many aspects to life in which we cannot control, but rather controls us. Compassion for one another, the longing for love and the need to belong are all natural necessities that all humanity needs. Critics have said repeatedly over the course of time variety is the spice of life . Taking this quotation and applying it to this issue, we can see that under one rule, things would simply fall apart. Just like genetically how mankind is created to be different in order to preserve life, one must live in distinct lifestyles in order for a balance to occur. We all learn from one another and that is how life is preserved for another generation. The fall of communism opened doors for democracy to move in because there was no longer the fixed vote and forced political views. It is from the mistakes that are learned throughout that makes things stronger. If diversity in the world is not present, then greater understanding cannot take place. Communism would still rule over the land and life would be miserable with no end in sight. China is a prime example of this. For most of its existence, China has kept its borders closed to the rest of the world. No influences have ever seen the land of China and it remained unchanged and untouched. In these times, there were great problems that were faced and no solutions could be brought about due to the solitude of the country. In recent times, China has opened up its borders and now is not a solitary country anymore. Trades with the rest of the world has helped it economically and new information on how to do things more efficiently has been introduced. Ideologies once was one sided with its communistic view and ideas, but now other ideologies are spreading in that area. Still, prosperity cannot occur without room to improve and equality cannot occur without total perfection, balance and harmony with the state.

It is true that moving towards a more single government system equality will be established due to the fact that their is one leader and everyone is under that rule. But in actuality, equality will not be established. If a group of countries are to unite together as one whole, it would encompass a wide spectrum of political views, ideologies, religion, race and color. Instead of one whole body, there is many minority groups present. This transfers an unequal balance of power throughout the state. Minority groups present would want a bigger voice in the crowd and get upset. Majority groups present would not want to bow down to the minority groups and thus also get upset. Currently this can be seen world wide. Headlines on every morning papers around the globe are splashed with Kosovo related topics and the tremendous up-rises occurring there. After World War II was ended, there was many changes throughout the area of Europe, many countries formed and boundaries have been altered. One country, Yugoslavia was formed. In this nation, races of all kinds were put together to live as one. There are very many clashes between the citizens of this state due to cultural and religious differences. One minority group, the Serbs, are currently fighting for independence and their own territory. In recent times they are slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Ethnic Albanians to get their way. By combining groups of people all with very distinct characteristics and placing them under one order, it is only passable that only violence will outcome. There are too many barriers to overcome at one point that it only leads to frustration.

And even though that everyone is under one command, the minority group will want more say in matters, and the majority group will not want to bend down over to them. This is always going to be a reality because a minority group will always be present. The majority of the population will be accustomed to being the elite group of society and therefore should have the most power, critics would argue that this would enrage the minority group and give them more power. There would be a constant struggle for power that would be never ending and results may be devastating. The French Revolution can be used as a great example for this. In the 1780 s, bankrupted by his support of rebellion in the British colonies, the French king was forced to levy taxes on his people. The people in turn revolted against the king and reached out for a monarchy for the people. The end result was that the people, minority, won the struggle and received what was needed. The absolute monarch (elite) was toppled and prosperity was on the way up once again.

In fact, encompassing a enormous amount of people into one are and under one rule would be disastrous. One would encounter a variety of opinions on which type of government system should be used. But the twist comes here, there is not an actual perfect system in society today of running a country one hundred percent efficient. All the different political and economical ideologies correct each other and fixes some of each other s problems. For example, communism corrects the equality problem of democracy, and democracy corrects the problem of efficiency of communism. By choosing one method over the other could and will cause up-risal and discontent from the people. In China, a primary example would be found by focusing on the Tiennamen Square incident. There were many student protesters that marched into the square and wanted a change from the present day form of communism. In the end, many of the protesters were shot and even more were injured or killed.

Human nature is a delicate balance and must be kept in check always. In all areas and aspects of life, there must be diversity and variety to life so preservation may occur. From good and evil to politics and economics, all must be numerous in number. From the mistakes and failures that occur to the triumphs and tribulations that transpire. All of these are a direct result of the ladder of learning providing that there is a room for growth. A homogenous culture would prevent such learning from happening. Ideas and thoughts would be one sided and many disasters would occur. Events such as Tiennamen Square, World War II, The French Revolution and the Kosovo crisis would be an everyday thing if a global government were to be adopted. Balance of power would be disrupted, and an endless feud would be fought over who is more superior. Equality and tranquillity can only be accomplished through at the price of identity. If at this point there is no identity of one s self, then life is becomes irrelevant.


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