Short Story Essay Research Paper this is

Short Story Essay, Research Paper

this is a short story

if you don’t understand what i’m telling you, the point that i’m making is

at the bottom. i know that many of you know me, some of you don’t, but you

all got an email from me before, or at least i think you have.

one thing that i’ve learned in life that’s been practically shoved

down my throat (in a loving way) for the last 5 years or so has been

the importance of friends. i even tell other people about it, and to

a certain extent, i’ve lived it.

unfortunately, there’s a small part of my large percentage of friends that i

have neglected, or mislead, or made a somewhat hefty mistake with. in all

honesty, i couldn’t have picked a worse person to do

this to. someone who’s been there for me hell or high water, crash or burn,

do or die, longer than anybody else that i know. longer than sarah, or

leesha, or courtney, or anyone. and after

a long friendship, i think that its once bright light is dimming.

i’ve let old problems interfere. old problems that aren’t even problems. i

guess i just felt too sorry for myself when they arose,

and it’s gotten to a point where i forgot about who really cares for me.

i know that most of you probably don’t care, but i’m giving you all

a lesson already learned. you may already have learned it, but to some of

us, it’s something that we haven’t. this is free advice, and i wish i could

have seen somebody else swallow this pill.

self pity, stupitity, brain farts are all little things that don’t

usually mean anything meaningful in a strong friendship. more than likely,

no problems will come from them. but like the song goes, “the little things

that kill.” we’ll get blindsided by something out of the blue, and then

when it’s all cleaned up, we’re that much smarter than before. we learn from

our mistakes.

sorry kids, but this is a mack truck i’d rather not let anybody else get hit

with. not even the people i don’t like. to the person i wrote this for,

this email probably doesn’t mean much. but if it saves one friendship,

these last 20 minutes i’ve been typing out won’t have gone to waste.

i’m all over the place, i know. the point is, don’t be an idiot and

do things the way i have. remember the people that care. the little things

sting a lot, i know. we all know. it’s just that i got stung pretty hard

by the person who made me into Sam. in the twisted world of a *censored*ed-up

head, this email is something that i need to do. don’t take the people you

love for granted, for even the strongest relationships can be killed.

i saw it on an online survey (how ironic…) from niki.

“The most abnormal thing about loving someone is

that you know where to strike them so it hurts”~Unknown

sometimes we shoot guns at our loved ones without even knowing it.

sometimes we miss, but Murphy’s Law says we’ll hit eventually.

try not to.


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