Human Cloning Essay Research Paper Cloning humans

Human Cloning Essay, Research Paper

Cloning humans can be very beneficial. Although cloning has a low success rate, with more research and support, it can become very useful to our society. We will be able to clone people for adoption and clone organs for transplants that would save lives. We could also use research on animals to cure or help diseases and disease research. There are many reasons to support human cloning research, and I hope these reasons will persuade you to think the same way.

Cloning has the potential for enormous health benefits. One benefit is to create animals to treat human diseases. Another benefit is to create animals that could be used for the study of human diseases. People can?t force someone to give them their organs, and you can?t kill anyone to use their organs. However, if the technology has a chance to develop, scientists may be able to clone individual organs, which would not involve cloning an entire person. Cloning could lead to the treatment and cures for man diseases, easier organ transplants, and more animal production for medicine and children for infertile couples.

With cloning technology it will be possible to clone only certain cells from organs in humans producing tissues needed for transplants with organs so organ donors without having to use there entire organ from their body. With commercial cloning of cow embryos, you can produce dozens of cows from a single egg making the cost of cows less and increasing the meat and milk production.

Cloning will also be very beneficial to childless couples. Parents that cannot have a baby due to medical reasons can adopt a clone or make their own clone. This way, they can have a child, if they cannot adopt another child. . Couples can bring back a child who died in a car accident by cloning themselves or taking the clone of someone else.

One thing people may think is that this technology can fall into the “wrong hands” and go terribly downhill. That is not true. You cannot clone someone to be the same person that he or she was before. They would grow up and develop and would have the same appearance. But that does not mean that they would think or act the same as the person cloned. They would think and act on their own just as any other human would do.

In conclusion, the benefits of cloning will lead to treatment and cures for many diseases like cancer, easier organ transplants, increased animal production for food and medicine and children for infertile couples. It will end many diseases and prevent new ones. Cloning is also just the beginning of medical research. If we can clone humans, imagine what we could do next.


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