Buddhism Essay Research Paper What is the

Buddhism Essay, Research Paper

What is the gist of the chapter or essay?

The goal out of practicing Buddhism is to become a self-less person. Everything we do in life causes another. Nothing in this world happens independently. In Buddhism the relationship between on thing leading to another is called casual connectedness. This chapter explored the aspects of Buddhism relating to who experiences belong to, what is considered an individual being, and what and who controls the events, which occur. Throughout a lifetime we do not change we are who we are we simply build and develop what we were. Buddhism breaks down an individual into five classes of mental and physical events called aggregates.

What parts did you find difficult to understand?

I am not clear on how the five aggregates bodily phenomena, feelings, labeling or recognizing, volitional activities and conscious awareness can lump together every feeling, desire and action which takes place in our lives.

I was further confused by the twelve spheres (ayatana) p.140.

Which parts do you agree, or disagree, with?

I disagree with what Steven Collins claims about his denial regarding the ?self.? Collins states our body and self are not connected. In other words a body is not a self. I believe our body is associated and connected to our self, both counter acts with one another.

What are the issues or ideas you would like to discuss in class?

A movie came out last year called Magnolia the whole basis of the story revolved around several people in different circumstances and points of their lives. However the common thread throughout the movie was the ideal behind casual connectedness. All of their lives inadvertently affected one another. I would like to discuss with the class how they feel about casual connectedness and see how far or deep they see a connection. Personal I believe everything on earth is related to something.

What does this have in common with your personal religiosity?

I strongly agree with the concept of casual connectedness. A few weeks ago a movie came out called Pay it Forward. The plot behind the movie can be used as a frame of the concept of causal connectedness and the power it can have. The idea this movie posed is a concept I agree with. What if each individual within their life time helped out three individuals and in return those three people helped out three other people and the process went on and one. The action would have started from one person doing three good deeds and grow into a worldwide phenomena. For example if someone were to help me pay for school and in returned asked me to do three deeds for three different individuals. And I decided to adopt a child, pay for one child to go to school in a third world country and gave money to a farming family who was having a hard time, their actions of doing three deeds a piece would continue the cycle. This is an example of the positive affect casual conectedness could have and the power of it reaching around the world.


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