The Natural 2 Essay Research Paper Only

The Natural 2 Essay, Research Paper

Only a few characters have the power to catch the reader’s interest to the extent that they are unforgettable. In The Natural, Roy Hobbs proves to be a memorable character in many ways. His determination makes him to be noticed. His sense of honor and pride are part of his remarkable character. Ray is an athlete born with rare talents, abilities, and love for the game of baseball, which makes him unforgettable.

Determination can influence many people to strive for goals. Roy Hobbs was determined to the best player in baseball. When he was just nineteen years old and had not played baseball for an organized team, he wanted to “break every record in the book for throwing and hitting.” p.g.30 He had no previous experience of playing baseball, except with his dad and in high school. When Ray was in the hospital, he was resolute on getting out and playing in the playoff game. The Doctor told him that “it would be best for Roy to say goodbye forever to baseball, if he hoped to stay alive.” p.g. 212 However, he could not conceive not playing baseball ever again. He even sneaked out of the hospital to practice “so, he would have his eye and timing alert for the playoff.” p.g.214 He was determined to play baseball again, win the playoff game and, eventually, win the World Series.

Honor and pride was important to Roy Hobbs. Roy was proud of himself, before he became a professional player. He commented ” when I walk down the street I bet people will say there goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in the game.” p.g.31 He was proud of himself which helped him to strive for his dreams. . He did not care much of the wealth; to him it was not important as wining games. However, when he did take a bribe, he thought of “quitting the deal with the Judge. He could send a note up there saying the fix was off” p.g.243. He knew that he had to try his best, and returned the money. He realized the money was not worth losing his pride and honor.

Roy was an athlete born with many talents and abilities. He was taught by his father to pitch and played baseball with his high school team. However, he struck out the leading hitter in the American League, Walter “the Whammer” Wambold. Walter was a three-time winner of the Most Valuable Player award and Roy struck him out, when he was just 19 years old. Another instance in which his talent in baseball was shown was when he joined the team, he lifted them from last place into first place.

In Bernard Malamud’s The Natural, Roy Hobbs has many characteristics that make him remarkable individual. His determination makes him strive for his dreams and goals. His sense of honor and pride make him unforgettable. His talent and ability at the game of baseball is unforgettable.


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