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The movie Without Limits takes place in Munich Germany during the 1972 Olympics. This movie is about hopes, dreams, and ambitions. During the late ’60s and early ’70s, Steve Prefontaine single-handedly revitalized the sport of track transforming it from a college activity to a major national interest. Prefontaine became something of a hero who brought his sport into the headlines. It focuses on the star’s rough personality and his refusal to pace himself; the only way he wanted to win was by “ leading all the way.” Prefontaine wanted to fulfill and accomplish his goals. Although people thought he didn t have the potential and the physical ability to complete his dream he still thought positive and looked forward into accomplishing what he believed he could accomplish. His legs were short for a runner and of unequal length. Prefontaine returns to Oregon as an amateur who is expected to work at basic jobs, he becomes a bartender and lives at the poverty line he gets a mobile home while he is training for the next Olympics. Other countries support their athletes, and Prefontaine becomes a leader of a campaign to change America’s rules. During this running of his campaign Prefontaine makes no attempts to win friends. Prefontaine did accomplish his goals and more than people thought he could have achieved he set world wide records and some which still stand today. After setting numerous American and collegiate records, Prefontaine was known world wide at this point and was ready for the world stage. Prefontaine participated in the 1972 Olympics and was the center of attention. He let the people down and those who started to believe and have little hope for him. Prefontaine then came in a disappointing fourth. Following the loss, Prefontaine went into a state of depression. He then recovered, and was preparing for the 1976 Olympics, when, at the age of 24 in 1975, he was killed in a single-car accident.

Prefontaine was faced with a lot of obstacles and suffering to overcome. He was faced with a decision that would have changed his life forever. One of the obstacles in which Prefontaine needed to overcome was the people who had no belief in him. Prefontaine didn t let any of that get to him instead he continued to fight and began training with his coach Bill Bowerman in order to succeed. Another problem in which he had to overcome was to find a school in which would suit his needs in helping him to become the world s best long distance runner. Prefontaine was accepted to many universities but he had to make an important choice in choosing the right one.

Steve Prefontaine first falls into the love level but he doesn t do a loving action for someone else but for himself in love and determination. But towards the middle of the movie he starts to slope down to the good boy/good girl stage of moral development. As he began to win the races he also began to win the crowds approval. He then ran to receive praise and attention around the world and by fellow colleagues within his school in Oregon. During the movie Prefontaine does an act which some may say he rises in moral development or he sinks down under. He injured his foot, he sprained it and cut it but he still decided to proceed with a race that was 3 days away from the day he received his injury. He then proceeded to finish the race, he did accomplish it and won but not to his full extent and capacity. When he crossed the finish line he threw himself to the grass in which we would think he did that because he was tired. When his trainer took of his shoe his foot was bleeding. People might say he did that act for himself to prove to himself that he could accomplish the race although others might think that he did that act to receive attention by others including the crowd.

The three conditions of growth helped Prefontaine towards his future. He was a determined man and he felt he was unstoppable. He had much support to become a runner mostly from his friends and from his coaching teachers from school. His mother didn t really care much she just wanted him to get accepted into a good university because of his intelligence not because of his ability to run. She doesn t show this but a few statements lead the viewer into that category. Prefontaine believed that he was receiving enough support to carry on his life long goal. One of the biggest risks he took was leaving home and going to Oregon University. This is were it all started, he was given a smart coach who was determined to get Prefontaine to go places . He also had set a goal since the very begging and this is shown in the movie with his determination. He practiced and trained hard before he got accepted to the university. And this is why he set many collegiate and world records that some still stand today.

One of the main messages of this movie was to be ambitious and continue accomplishing your goal without having anyone or anything keeping you back from completing your dream. Although many of us still give up when the going gets tuff we should all get back on our feet s and try again and again a never give up be as ambitious as Steve Prefontaine. This movie also tells the viewer that never to give up and keep going will get you far in life and to always keep your self esteem high. the glass was half full

This movie connected with a few themes that we have learned in the past of this course. It connects to love, not just any love for someone or something but for yourself. You must love yourself before you can love others. Steve Prefontaine had this love because he was doing this running because it was his dream. But later towards the movie Prefontaine begins to win his races to gain approval after he discovered that the crowd loved him and cheered on his name once he broke his first world record in long distance running.

I didn t really learn anything new or surprising but this movie wasn t like any typical Americanized movie. In this movie there is no hero who saves someone then gets all the glory at the end. It was about determination and love for yourself. It also teaches the viewer that hopes and dreams can be easily shattered but a little bit of will power and some support and anything can be accomplished.


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