1984 Essay Research Paper 1984Winston Smith has

1984 Essay, Research Paper


Winston Smith has lived a long miserable life. He

believes he is responsible for his mothers and sisters death and

he has to live with that pain his whole life. Also his wife left

him and he has no one to talk to and no one to be with. But

then he meets his soon to be love Julia, who he has a

relationship with who changes his whole life.

The first effect Julia had on Winston was that she

made him more rebellious towards the government. This

happened because Winston went through a lot of trouble just so

he can hide his relationship from the thought police so he or

Julia won?t get caught for their relationship. If they were caught

for there secretive relationship they would be in very big

trouble. This also affected the government with the rule they

were breaking.

Julia also gave Winston love and happiness. The

reason why Winston gets love and happiness because he feels

comfortable with Julia. Julia also makes love to Winston multiple

times in their relationship. Julia gives Winston happiness because

she gives him someone to talk to and someone to be with and

trust. Winston really loves Julia.

From this relationship Winston also gets misery, pain,

betrayel and he loses his spirit and his humanity. When Winston

and Julia get caught with their relationship, it all went downhill

from there. First it brought Winston misery and pain from being

tortured in Room 101. He was being tortured day in and day out.

He also was betrayed by Julia. Then later when his face was

about to be feasted by rats at the hands of O?brien he betrays

Julia by shouting out, ?Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not Me!….?.

First Julia betrayed him and then he betrayed her. He lost his

humanity because the party succeeded in making Julia and

Winston stop loving each other, the thing that they believed

made them human. Winston lost his spirit by agreeing with

O?brien saying 2 + 2 = 5 and by loving Big Brother.

In conclusion the relationship with Julia had a lot of

impact on Winston, but not on the story. It brought Winston love

and happiness but only for a brief time. It also brought him

much more misery and pain and he lost two characteristics he

wanted to keep but he couldn?t, humanity and spirit. I think

Winston?s relationship with Julia had a bad impact


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