Winston Churchill Essay Research Paper Perhaps one

Winston Churchill Essay, Research Paper

Perhaps one of the most colorful and intelligent figures of his day, Winston Churchill was a master negotiator and superb leader. Drawing from his vast experience and wit, he successfully led Great Britain through many troubled times and hardships. His skill as a leader was unsurpassed and was only out done by his wry sense of humor. Winston Churchill?s exploits will forever be a part of history as he truly was one of the greatest leaders of his time.

Winston Churchill was born on the 30th of November in 1874 and was the eldest son of aristocrat Lord Randolph Churchill. He graduated from the Royal Military College in 1895 and was soon commissioned as an officer in the Fourth Hussars. While acting as a war correspondent during the Boers War, he was captured by the enemy and held in less the humane conditions as a prisoner of war. He later escaped his captors and was recognized as a national hero upon his return to Great Britain. This newfound fame and heroism led him to the public spotlight and into what was to eventually become a historical political career.

Shortly after his triumphant return, Winston Churchill was elected as a member of the Conservative Party. Later, in 1904, he was elected as president of the Board of Trade. Stepping through several other positions of power, he eventually became the Lord of the Admiralty. Unfortunately, after an unsuccessful campaign, he was forced to resign. Thus began a period of learning and self-reflection that eventually led into his transition as a great leader.

In 1917, Churchill?s political career again flourished as he was elected the Minister of Munition and was a member of the coalition party until it collapsed in 1922. After several ups and downs in his political career, Churchill became the Prime Minister in 1940 as Nazi Germany and Hitler were knocking on Great Britain?s doorstep. Through his expert leadership and negotiations, he won the support of the United States and gained their full backing during the war. This fact, along with his excellent strategic and diplomatic skills, eventually turned the tides of the war and led Great Britain back from the brink of defeat to triumph over Germany.

Winston Churchill?s feats of leadership were perhaps the greatest of his time, a time when the world was thrust into continual conflict. By the time Churchill died in 1965 at age 90, he had accomplished more things than most men could ever dream of. He was knighted by the ruling monarch of Britain, won the Nobel Prize for Literature, and was made an honorary United States Citizen for his exploits of leadership and accomplishment. Winston Churchill was truly one of the greatest men of his time.


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