Jews Essay Research Paper The Jews Before

Jews Essay, Research Paper

The Jews Before 1935

The Jews are descendants of Abraham. It is said that whoever is a descendant of

Abraham was blessed. The Jews were first started in Canaan a long time ago. They

lived there for a while, but famine and drought came so they had to move to Egypt. They

lived in Egypt in peace for a while but they were soon enslaved by the Egyptians. They

were forced to make many of Egypt s great monuments and pyramids. Moses led them

out of Egypt back into Canaan where many of the people broke up into different groups

that were scattered across Canaan. They ventured farther and farther and went into many

different countries including Jerusalem.

The Treatment of Jews from 1935 – 1945

The Jews treatment after 1935 can be described as one of the worst acts against

humans that has ever taken place on this earth. Jews were discriminated against, used in

mass killings, subjected to the slander of Americans and other countries, and many other

horrifying things.

All the problems that America had were blamed on the Jews. The United States

helped out a little bit, but it was nothing considering all of the other things other

countries were doing because of our influence. For a while Jews were loaded onto big

train carts and nobody knew where they were going, but it was soon found out that they

were being shipped of the killing camps. Few Jews would ever make it out of these

camps alive. The United States had the power to help stop the killing of Jews, but they

did not try to do what was needed to save the Jews.

Anti-Semitism spread like wild fire throughout the world. It was made much

harder for Jews to get the visas they needed in order to get out of the country. Jewish

students were usually not accepted into schools or allowed to get decent jobs. With all

these problems the Jewish community had to face it s a wonder how they ever made it

out alive.

What was done to the Jews after 1945

After 1945 the treatment of the Jewish community got much better. They were

allowed more things and the mass killing were put to an end. Hitler was brought out of

the picture and therefore provided the Jews with a better place in life.

In order to help the Jewish people along the United Nations divided Palestine into

two parts. One was the Arab nation and the other was Israel. There are now four million

people in Israel. 83% of them are Jews, and the other 17% are Arabs. The official

language of Israel is Hebrew. Since the Arabs were forced to give up some of their land

to the Jews they have not been too happy with it. Since the lands were split up Israel has

to continually fight against the Arabs in order to keep their land.

How I would treat the Jews after 1945

After seeing how the Jews were treated all this time I believe that they would

deserve something for their losses. I think that I would give them land in return from

their suffering during 1935 – 1945, but If I had to split up a country I would make sure

that there were strict laws making sure that the other country wouldn t attack. If this

were broken the United States would be forced to take up arms against the invading


Another possibility would be to allow them into our country of other countries

that would agree to this. They would be given jobs and there would be laws against

racial segregation. I know that not everybody would follow the rules knowing that Jews

are living next to them, but this could be better that having an all out war with two


Even with these two good choices I would try to do what the Jewish population

would want to do. If they want to go their own way then I would try to help them, and if

they wanted their own country I would see what I could do. The main point I would try

to make through this is to let the Jews do what they wanted to do. I feel that this is the

least that they deserve because of the treatment that they got during World War II.

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