Pro Choice Live Your Own Life Essay

Pro Choice: Live Your Own Life Essay, Research Paper

Another day passes by, another new set of choices that affect your life in the smallest

ways.Did you know that the littlest things you decide have the potential to affect your life

in the grandest of ways? Life is a second-second-to-second thing, You cannot exist

without the choices of someone else, and you makes many serious choices yourself.

I believe people should choose their own path and their own future,right down to

abortions. I believe in choice. Pro-choice.

(Body)(Reason One) People’s lives and rights should not be interfered by the opinion

of another. There are certain rights given to one soul which cannot be removed or

changed. This gives the choice-maker to live with his/her own decision without the guilt

or disturbance of a third party. Tend to yours and I shall tend to mine. Live your own


(Reason Two) A body belongs to one soul, giving one soul the rules and rights

over it. People tend to forget that. As in an economy, when something is in demand, legal

or not, people will sell and buy it.But what about those people who feel guiltiful over

something that shouldn’t pressure them? (May it be abortion or not.) Most people would

like to live under the choices they make without the world pushing them over or

religions battering them with stones.

(Reason Three) There are a select few reasons I believe a baby should not be

born.There are patterns that affect the world today. Children who follow right down the

same deathly path their parents strode down, even if it wasn’t meant to happen.

It’s a proven fact that drug abusing parents are part of a cycle they may have started, and

children with parents like that are many times more prone to follow the path to desease,

famine,or worse, death. Also, If there is no hope for a child, now way for a parent to raise

them, no cash, no valuables, no life or support, they do not need to put a child in such a

bad position. And there are even medical reasons in which women with difficulties in

pregnancy and the carrying months who may need it in a life or death situation.

(Conclusion) (Re-state opinion)Pro-Choice has a reason.They may be small but

serious. I myself am nto a big fan of abortion but I strongly am behind the Pro-Choice

act.Its not our choice if it is not our bodies.The right stop before people are allowed to

punish others for legal choices they make. We are not China, we have individual


We have Choices.

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