Communism And Socialism In Animal Farm Essay

, Research Paper

Communism and socialism plays an important role in Animal Farm by George Orwell.

All of the events that occurred in the book represent actual

events that happened to a communist country, now known as

Russia. Both communism and socialism have similar beliefs but

still have their differences. There has never been a communist

society where people were happy and treated as equals to high

ranking government officials. There has been a time in Animal

Farm when all animals were treated equal, but that was only

in the start of the post-revolution. In the end of the book

however, there is a different story. The motif of the book

is that any attempt to achieve the goals of a communist and

socialist society would be a continuous rise and fall of leaders.

Communism is where the government owns everything such as the

major resources and everything else. There is no need for private

business. All people would have equal work based on their ability

and benefits will be given based on the needs. In Animal Farm all

the animals work and all the types of animals get the type of food

they need. The animals felt better after the revolution even though

they were underfed because they knew they were doing this for themselves.

Napoleon and his other pigs were the government and let their power get

to them. They said that all the animals would work together yet in fact

the pigs were just ordering them around. They worked the other animals

relentlessly and with little food. They told all the animals what they

should make and how long it would take. Also they said that the thinking

they do is hard and they need the beds. The pigs were without a doubt the

leaders of Animal Farm. They could do anything to you, they could make you

live and could make you die.

The socialist system is that the production and

distribution of products is maintained by the community.

In Animal Farm , the animals were put in even more smaller

communities by species. There was groups made during the

early post-revolution like the Egg Production Committee, the

Clean Tails League and the Whiter Wool Movement. Also all

political actions are done by the community. There was the

Meeting every Sunday where all the animals met in the barn. What they did in the barn was they planned what to do next week and also debate resolutions. The resolutions were put by pigs who were the only ones with the ability to make them. Soon Napoleon and Snowball were debating against each other and were trying to get majority for themselves. All the other animals couldn?t think up of anything for themselves but both of the pigs were throwing many at them. They soon got out of their Socialist ways and started to become closer to communism. An example of the complete end of Socialism in Animal Farm was when Napoleon ordered the hens to lay a certain amount of eggs. The hens refused to do so but was forced to which is definitely not socialistic. It isn?t socialistic because the production of products is maintained by the community and the hens are part of the community yet do not have any say. The animals say was totally useless and it was usually held in by the ferocity of the nine dogs of Napoleon.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and

from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it

was impossible to say which was which.” This was a very

straight forward way of saying all the animals were back

at ground zero and would probably have another revolution.

The book clearly stated that a communist society would be

unsuccessful because the leaders would take advantage of

their power. That was the main problem in the book by Orwell.

It seems that the only way they would of been successful

would of been was to form a democracy.


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