Choice Of Frontier Lines Essay Research Paper

Choice Of Frontier Lines Essay, Research Paper


Unlikely frontiers by

choice, no decision to halt.? Governor

who wanted to earn respect by expanding his province ?frontiers congealed

around the orders of the empire: they arose by default? ?

Disapproval by writers

of unprofitable expansion ? Britain not really worth it ? implication not

resist profitable expansion, Claudius desires honour of taking Britain.? No difficult in asserting little economic r

financial reason ?

Aims of war adjusted

according to wars ? balance between defence and conquest. ?

Existing boundary in

East never satisfactory not even Nero ? OK Britain and Germany attempts to

expand, efforts to subdue Persians in Mesopotamia more frequent and persisted

after warfare in other areas became mainly defensive.? Even in these areas not impossible to decide that they might gain

the initiative and expand empire rather than stay and repel raids ? case reign

Justinian. ?

?Impossible to say quest for defensible

borders ? many wars of expansion, some so called defensive wars can be seen as

wars of aggression.? Attempting to gain

power and dignity. ?

Again Historians

ignore statements at the time ? fair to attribute Roman decision makers with

motives and calculations.? Nothing wrong

contemporaries of going for glory and honour ? even Britain and Armenia no

practical good. ?

According to Ammianus

Julian went to war with Persians for 3 reasons: 1.

Punish for previous

war 2.

Tired of idleness ?

Certain cements from

Emperors explain aims of wars ? pretty inexplicit. ?

Contemporary sources

do not give Emperors the benefit of the door ? ambitious and vein ?

Modern thoughts that

duty emperor to protect his citizens ? but as we have seen Roman Mesopotamia

self-defence ? yes if assimilated long enough ? but Tacitus talks of rebels

?not yet broken by servitude?.?

Protection against all forms of attack not a guaranteed right ? other

priorities integrity of army, sovereignty of empire, safety of certain areas

especially in Italy.? Protection against

foreign aggression less important than sometimes thought.


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