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Rave Music Essay Research Paper What u

Rave Music Essay, Research Paper

What u need

Its not as easy as you think to throw a Rave, this sounds kind of easy, but it take takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The first thing you need is money, and the reason you need money is because you need to make a lot of deposits. If the cash flow isn’t that big then you get what are called investors, they put in their money and hope to get it back. After the money thing isn’t a problem any more then you need to look for a venue, which is not that hard any more because there are new venues everywhere, they’re just popping up. So you need book the venue. Now that you have the location for the date of your party the work begins.

Now you need DJ’s, which are not that hard to find. If you know someone then all you need is one booking manager’s number and the rest isn’t hard to find. Because the booking manager usually has other numbers to give to you. So you have a couple of DJ’s but that’s not enough you need at least one headliner DJ. A headliner is a big name DJ and they are usually a little more expensive than the others. Usually the big DJ’s need to be flown in. so a ticket has to be bought and a place to stay. So you need to get in touch with a travel agent. After you have all your DJ’s confirmed, you go off and meet with graphic designers who will design you a flyer. And you need to pay him for the work and for the flyers to get printed. After the flyers are printed then people need to go out and promote the Rave at other places. Anywhere that has the right kind of people.

This is not over yet. You need sound, there are a lot of people that do sound, and they bring cabinets of speakers the turn tables everything that’s needs to be brought are there. Usually they will ask you for a deposit. But if you know them it’s not a problem. After the sound is booked, you need to book the lights. So you need to find a person to set up your lights. And when dealing with sound and lights you don’t wan to deal with the cheaper kinds you want the best because the sound and lighting make a big difference. This person will also ask you for a deposit. And once again, same as before if you know them it’s not a problem. So the lighting sound and the venue are booked and the flyers are out circulating. What more do you need well you don’t really have to have one but if you want everything to look good book a laser. Lasers are really cool and they make a very big difference. You could have five of the top DJ’s in the US booked, but you if you don’t have a laser then your party “ain’t all that”. So you need a laser and once again make it a good one.

So you think you are done, no way you also have to book security. Most venues have their own security, but its also good to book a security guard of your own that you can trust. So what do you think? Are we done? Most people would say yeah…what more is there to do? Well what we do is by some nice little toys like whistles, massagers, and little stuffed animals and give them away for free at the night of the party. No one else really does that. So basically your done just promote your party well and then it will all work out.

So to throw a rave isn’t as easy as it seems it takes time and preparation. And its not only a bunch of people on drugs in a big wheelhouse, its a lot more than that. I can explain to you how it is you just have to go and find out for yourself. And believe me, it’s not nearly as bad as people say it is. It’s not even close.