Ruthless Intentions Essay Research Paper Ruthless Intentions

Ruthless Intentions Essay, Research Paper

Ruthless Intentions

David Pagel

C.W. 1st hour


Fiction Story

Ruthless Intentions

Wall Street, June 18, 1999. A man in dark sunglasses and an

expensive sleek Armani suit stands on a gloomy corner waiting. A

golden Benz with black tinted windows stops at the curb. Another

man dressed in similar attire calmly steps out of the back seat of the

car and shots the man on the curb repeatedly. He than just as calmly

steps back into the car and the golden Benz darts away in one swift


Chicago, June 19, 1999. Mr. Green sits on top of a giant skyscraper in

his beautiful executive office. He is smoking a Cuban cigar in his big

leather chair with golden trim. The same man who shot the man on

the street walks in and takes a seat.

“The job is done,” said the man in a bold voice. Mr. Green does not

react. He fills his mouth with smoke, leans forward, blows it into the

man’s face and than slowly leans back and says, “Then where is the


“He didn’t have it with him,” said the man in a shaky voice.”

“You fool!” screamed Mr. Green.

“I couldn’t help it, he didn’t have the briefcase!” retorted the man.

Mr. Green replies, “Understand that if you don’t have the briefcase in

forty- eight hours you are not receiving fifteen percent of the money

and I am taking 100 percent of your life.”

Wall Street, June 17, 1999. A man in dark sunglasses and an

expensive Armani suit walks down the street. In his right hand there

is a briefcase. His fingers are clenched tightly around the handle.

In the shadows lies a poor beggar. The beggar asks the man with the

briefcase for some spare change. The man with the briefcase, under

his breath replies, “Get a job.”

The beggar hears this and replies, “What did you say?”

“Nothing!” says the man with the briefcase. The beggar than takes

out a knife and holds it to the man’s throat. The beggar grabs the

briefcase and takes off down the street. The man darts after him but

trips on a dog that is being walked by his owner.

Chicago, June 21, 1999. Once again Mr. Green sits in his office

smoking a cigar. He took a long look at his diamond laced Rolex

watch. In walks the other man who shot he man on the street. He

takes a seat with a dark look on his face.

“So, where is the briefcase?” Mr. Green asks.

“I traveled to New York but I was unable to locate the briefcase,?

replies the man with a scared voice.

“You have no idea how much that money meant to me do you? Well,

let me tell you how much it means to me, all of my life there has been

one major goal and that is money! I would walk over my own mother

just to get to it!” Mr. Green than slowly opens a drawer from his

desk. He than pulls out a nine-millimeter pistol and shoots the man

several times in the chest.

Mr. Green put the gun back in his drawer. He than takes a long drag

of his cigar, blows it out then he picks up the phone. He hits

ninety-nine on his 100 button speed dial system. After several rings,

an elderly woman answers. Mr. Green says in a calm voice, “Mom,

both of your sons, my younger brothers dies in a car accident today,?

he then hangs up the phone before the long horrifying shrieks can be




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