College Education Essay Research Paper A College

College Education Essay, Research Paper

A College Education One important goal I have in life is to receive a college education. I am pursuing a degree in Finance, but as long as I graduate with a degree, my goal; will be fulfilled. There are many reasons why this goal is so important to me. I will briefly discuss 3 important reasons. I want to be able to live a comfortable life style after college. I am used to living in a nice house, and having nice cars. I think that it would be hard for me to adjust to another way of living. My parents have always supplied me with alot and I want to be able to give my future family nice vacations, lots of toys, and basically live a comfortable lifestyle. The next reason that I would like to get a college education is because my father is paying for most of my college. This goal is very important to me. I want to make him proud. College has been a big issue between my Dad and I. I could have gone to a less expensive school, but he insisted on sending me to whatever school I wanted to attend. He was not worried about price. Whatever school I wanted to attend was fine with him. I want to show him that he is not wasting his money, and that I appreciate his generous spending for sending me to a more expensive and private school. My first reason to finish college is to be able to support my hobbies. I am very passionate about skiing and Jeeps. I try to put in as many ski days a year as I can. Most years I usually ski over fifty times. This is very expensive. I have to purchase new equipment a lot, to replace the quickly worn equipment. The most expensive part of skiing is financing big ski trips. They are usually over $400 dollars a trip. My other hobby of Jeep restoring is more expensive than skiing. It usually cost about $5000 dollars to build a Jeep from the frame up. And when you add in the never-ending modifications to gears, rollbars, suspension, and tires, the costs are never ending. There is always something better to add to your Jeep. My lifestyle I am accustomed too, my Dad, and my hobbies, are three reasons to graduate from college. Without a college degree it would be hard to accomplish any of them. I am working hard to earn my degree


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