Diary Entry Essay Research Paper Iknocked

Diary Entry Essay, Research Paper

????????? I

knocked quietly three times on the brown shiny door of the office.? I needed to speak with Mr. Green, the

manager of the building site.? I needed

more working hours as I barely had enough money to get by.? Looking around the building site I awaited

an answer.? Large piles of rubble rested

on uneven ground and men chatted whilst they worked.? A long narrow wooden bench sat at one end where a few workers

gathered for a quick coffee and a cigarette. ????????? The

door behind me opened and I turned clockwise to see a young woman.? She was much younger than I was probably

about ten years.? She hosted a wide

smile and revealed her perfectly straight white teeth.? Her thick dark brown hair complemented her

oval freckled face and her curvaceous figure was attractive.? She whistled whilst she filed sheets of

paper which were currently scattered across the table like autumn leaves on a

garden lawn.? She looked straight up at

me.? Her eyes, a bold green dazzled in

the morning sunlight.? I stared into

them and I stuttered as I asked for Mr. Green.?

She smiled as she explained that he had been called out to an emergency

meeting.? I thanked her and ventured

towards the door.? She stopped me and

offered me a cup of coffee.? Thinking,

there and then I was parched.? I

accepted her offer and made myself comfy in the chair facing Mr. Green?s

desk.? ????????? She

returned to her work tidying the office, whistling as she worked. The room was immaculate

and she watered the plants that stood in each corner and arranged books and

folders neatly. ????????? Her

name is Karen.? She sat down next to me

and we talked like old friends just meeting for the first time.? I really liked her and we spoke about

everything.? By the time Mr. Green

returned I felt as if I had known her for a lifetime. It felt amazing.? I looked again at her.? Even wearing a dirty blue overall she looked

beautiful.? She was a bright light and

her whistling filled the room with life and happiness.? She looked happy.? Maybe I would be that happy one-day. ????????? Even

after Mr. Green had returned and she had left us alone my mind was racing.? I had an image of her in my mind.? I had never, until this day believed in love

at first sight.? June 12th 2000 ????????? Today

has been the happiest day of my life.?

Right from the beginning up until the end.? I have been waiting for this day since I first met Karen.? It was love at first sight.? Today is the day I got married.? It is our wedding day.? I have not been as happy as I am now ever

before in my life.? The whole day was

perfect, just like it should have been.?

I couldn?t have improved it in any way even if I tried. ????????? In

the huge, old and beautiful church sunlight gazed in through the stained glass

windows.? I waited at the front.? My whole body felt nervous at the thought of

her not turning up.? I knew it was

unlikely but it was the thought that settled at the back of my mind.? It was a thought that scared me but all

those negative thoughts were forgotten as a tremendous feeling of excitement

came over me.? She was here.? It was an overwhelming experience that I had

not felt before.? I am still holding the

best feeling now and I never want it to end.?

I am in love.? Well and truly in

love.? ????????? I

turned to look down the centre aisle of the church towards the sky high wooden

doors situated at the back of the church.?

There stood my Karen and she looked even more beautiful than ever.? She looked spectacular.? Her ivory gown flowed graciously to the

floor and her long tumbling curls fell below her shoulders.? Her tanned face glowed brightly with genuine

happiness.? The happiness was shared

within me too.? As she proceeded to walk

down to the front, guests turned and looked adoringly.? She looked a picture.? The ceremony was perfect. Nothing went

wrong. ????????? Afterwards

the celebrations started all over again.?

Congratulations could be heard from all areas of the great hall.? Family members and friends talked and sipped

champagne.? We danced, for the first

time as man and wife, together forever.?

The whole day was like a dream come true.June 19th 2000 ????????? Here

it is wonderful.? The sun?s rays beam

down onto the scorched white sand every minute of the day.? The tropical blue sea creeps up to the sand

in small rippling waves.? Barbados is a

place of many things. It is relaxing but most importantly romantic.? I am so pleased that this is where we are

spending our honeymoon.? The first two

weeks of our married life in this paradise.?

????????? From

our bedroom balcony we can see the huge pool surrounded by palm trees and

sunbeds.? The palm trees encircled the

pool and added to the tropical feel to the area.? Countless people relaxed on the sunbeds and the area was suitably

quiet.? ????????? Today

we spent lunchtime on a secluded part of the white sandy beach.? Our hotel prepared a special picnic for us. ?We lay there side by side sipping the

champagne.? The food was divine but the

company more so.?? The splashes of the

waves could be heard softly.? Afterwards

we walked along the shore hand in hand.?

The warm seawater skimmed over our feet and then retreated as we

paddled.? ? ????????? Karen

looked wonderful.? She always does.? She is really enjoying herself.? It makes me so happy when she herself

is.? Her curly hair flew back in the

slight breeze and her lightly made up face glistened in the sunlight.? ?? ????????? Here

we can both totally forget about the stresses of everyday life.? It feels so good to be so far away from the

place I call home.? It will not be for

long though.? Another week and we will

be back alongside the others that we so dearly care for.? Our family.


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