Lord Of The Flies Simbolizism Paper Essay

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The conch was a symbol of authority. Piggy was the first to discover the conch. He always respected it along with Ralph. ?We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They?ll come when they hear us-.? (Piggy) It was used to call meetings and whoever held the conch during meetings got to speak. It had magical powers to the boys until they stopped respecting it. Jack was the reason that the conch wasn?t respected anymore.

The fire was used as a signal for hopes of being rescued. It was the only way of getting of the island. It was Ralph?s idea to have a fire and he set a rule to keep the fire going on top of the mountain. ?There?s another thing. We can help them to find us. If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on top of the mountain. We must make a fire.? (Ralph) The hunters never respected the fire and let it go out. The fire eventually saved the boys from the island because of Jack?s luck and stupidity.

The island represented the world of the boys, kind of like their room. Only in this situation they were confined to their rooms. They had to make the best of the island while they were there in order to survive. ?This is our island. It?s a good island. Until the grown-ups come to fetch us we?ll have fun? (Ralph) Once everyone realized they were on an island and they didn?t have any parents to tell them what to do they kind of went of and did whatever they wanted to do. ?How can you expect to be rescued if you don?t put first things first and act proper?? (Piggy)

Piggy?s Specs were used to start the fire. Without Piggy?s specs they could?ve never cooked, made a signal, or had a crazy powow. Piggy?s specs were the start of the survival chain. They were first broken, then stolen by Jack. That shows a slow and inescapable descent into anarchy and evil. Nobody really thought much of Piggy except for his specs but Ralph.

The Lord of the Flies represents the Beast?s danger and power. The Lord of the Flies was a pig?s head. It was supposed to be a gift for the beast. In the story the pig?s head symbolizes the panic and decay that takes place. In Simon?s talk with the Lord of the Flies the pig?s head told him that he should go back to the others.


Lord of The Flies


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