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Choose Better Health Essay, Research Paper

Choose Better Health Parents today are to quick to run to the doctor looking for some kind of drug to give their kid every time they are ill. When you have a newborn child you are told that the child must be vaccinated to live a normal healthy childhood, but this statement is not true because there are natural ways to treat colds and other flu s by letting your body do the work. Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism if you re nervoussystem is allowed to function drug free. Today, when a person has a child it is given drugs before it is born through the mother, unless the mother chooses an all-natural childbirth. This means that the birth needs to start naturally, with no painkillers and other drugs. The medical community has put fear into the American public, by saying that if you don t vaccinate your child that they could die. This is due to the wrong information that parents are given. This is a multi-billion dollar industry for the drug companies that develop these vaccinations. The National Vaccine Information Center has put out a book making the information on the bad effects of drugs on children for parents. So that new parents will be aware of the down side to choosing to vaccinate their children. Making the decision to vaccinate your child is not easy. Sometimes it is a lot easier to just do what your pediatrician tells you then to make your choice. This might be the biggest risk of having a child.There are many vaccinations that you are told to give to your child before they are two years old. Some of these vaccinations are DBT, DT, Polio, MMR that is for the measles, HIB, Hep B, and chicken pox. Mass vaccination during the past 40 years has changed the natural way of many childhood diseases. These vacations make teenagers and young adults more open to contract the disease when they could be more serious like the measles or mumps. Some vaccinations are still given even though the disease is no longer around and your child has no chance of ever even coming in contact with it. Polio was a very common disease in the 1950 s. It was called wild polio which People contracted naturally. Polio is still present in very small Third World countries, but there have been no reported cases in the Western Hemisphere. When a child is given the vaccine the virus lives in the child s intestines for four to six weeks. So if the child is has a weak immune system they will get a very bad case of polio; this is called strain polio. If this child is in contact with people they can be exposed to strain polio. The wild polio can be very mild and recovery complete, unfortunately many cases of the strain polio do not get better.Measles is another vaccination that is given to small children. Children used to get measles naturally. Some researchers believe that getting measles as a child helped the immune system to mature, and help it to be more effective in dealing with viruses and bacteria later in life. When a woman who had the measles gives birth to a child, she passes on antibodies to the baby. When you have the measles you become immune to the virus, but being vaccinated you only get temporary immunity. Mothers today that were vaccinated against measles do not pass immunity on to their child when born, which makes the child more likely to get the measles.

If you contract mumps naturally you may get fever, headache and swollen glands. You will also have a lifelong immunity to this disease. The symptoms are usually very mild in children so why not let your child get them naturally. The Hepatitis B vaccine is given to children at birth with follow-up shots at 2 and 6 months old. Hepatitis is a virus that affects the liver. There is a very low chance of getting this disease in this country. This disease is spread through saliva, blood, and semen. Intravenous drug users, homosexuals, and sexually promiscuous people have a high chance of contracting this virus. Why would you expose your child to this vaccination when they are not in this group of people who might come in contact with this disease? You are told that vaccinations will protect your children from the manyeffects of childhood diseases, so you vaccinate your children to give them immunity from these diseases. However, vaccines do not work in the body in the same way that natural diseases do. When bacteria and viruses enter the body naturally your immune system produces antibodies, which you have for life. Vaccines are given orally and injected directly into the blood and provide temporary immunity. In the 1900 s before many vaccinations were introduced childhood diseases were declining due to better sanitation, nutrition, and health care.There are many bad side effects caused by vaccinations, some include seizures And convulsions caused by the shots. The DPT vaccine in 1984 was given to 3,300,000 children and there was a reported 8,484 children who had convulsions and collapse. 16,038 of children had episodes of high-pitched screaming. There have been cases of allergic reaction, sudden death, comatose state, mental retardation, cerebral palsy and blindness. There has also been deaths reported due to vaccinations. Some children have even gotten other diseases from the vaccinations. In conclusion, the human body has the ability to adapt to its environment with out any outside interference, which is called innate. If you still choose to vaccinate you must look into all the information available to you from people on both sides of this issue, If you don t you may be putting your child at risk for complications and possibly even death.


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