Violence 2 Essay Research Paper ViolenceViolence is

Violence 2 Essay, Research Paper

ViolenceViolence is part of our society, that is all around us. You cannot turn on the television without seeing some kind of violence. You pick up a newspaper, and it jumps out at you. Is there really more violence than there used to be? Who is to blame for this increase? I feel that the media is not responsible for the increase in crimes, but rather they are now just doing a more thorough job of reporting it. This increase in reporting thoroughness is due to the technological advances that have taken place in the last fifty years. The increase in the reporting of crimes has frightened many people, making them become highly unsociable. The media is not responsible for the increase in crimes. I feel this way, because the television shows how uncivilized it is to beat someone, for instance take the Rodney King beating, the media showed how cruel the police officers were toward Mr. King. In this particular case it actually spawned violence because of the judicial system’s ruling. The real reason that crimes have increased is the constantly increasing population, the low standard of living and the low education level. With the increased population density the tempers flare much easier. The people are overcrowded, and feel alone, as a result they join gangs. The low standard of living is also important, because this is what causes these people to do just hideous things as car-jacking and home-invasions. If these people were educated, then they would probably be employed, raising there standard of living and lowering the number of crimes. The number of crimes reported by the media has increased tremendously, this is probably due to several factors, these include, the willingness of people to report crimes has increased and the technology used to report crimes has also increased. People report crimes more often now, it is no longer taken that you shouldn’t report a crime if it isn’t to serious. There are now ways off keeping one identity secret. This all relates to technology. Technology is very important to the media now. With the use of satellites, a news team in Los Angeles, California can relay the story to a television station in Boston, Massachusetts. The picture quality and sound quality are also much better. With the invention of the camcorder any person can now be a camera man. This is why there are so many tapes of motorists being beaten, and the like. In conclusion, the media is not to be blamed for the increase in crimes, but rather this increase should be thought of as something that was meant to be, even without television this increase was bond to happen sooner or later.


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