Treasure Island Essay Research Paper The plot

Treasure Island Essay, Research Paper

The plot The book “Treasure Island” is an adventure story about a boy called Jim Hawkins. He’s fifteen years old and lives in a small village, in a quiet place near the sea. His father, a very diligent person, makes his living by running an inn. It was a day in September when an old seaman came to the Inn. He was tall and he had a big, brown face. After looking around he decided to stay at the Inn. The man didn’t want to tell his name but told them just to call him Captain. The captain described himself like a plain man who liked plain food and lots of rum. One day another man came to the Inn. His name was Black Dog and all he wanted was to speak with the captain, who seemed to be afraid of the man in some way. The man talked with the captain who suddenly started to shout: “No! I won’t do it, and I won’t give it to you!” Then there were angry words and a great noise. The table and the chair fell and Jim heard the sound of knives. There was a cry, and Black Dog ran out of the inn. The captain ran after and threw a knife at him. When he came back he was totally exhausted and fell down on the floor. At this time, Jim’s father was in a very bad shape. The doctor who spent lot of time at the inn looked at the captain and said: “He has a bad heart but he’s not dead.” When Jim and the doctor carried the captain to his room they noticed some tattoo marks on his arm. The words were “A fair wind for Billy Bones”. After a few days, both Billy and Jim’s father died. Jim knew that Black Dog wanted something from Billy and that he or his friends would come back, so Jim and his mother took their things and went to the doctor. Jim also found a map in Billy’s room. It was a map on an Island called “Treasure Island”. There were several crosses on map who showed where a treasure was buried. Jim showed the map to the doctor and the town’s local squire.

They decided to buy a ship and sail to the island, but when they picked their crew, they picked the cruel men who had been following Billy Bones. When they reached the island Jim found out that the men on the ship were working with Black Dog. He the doctor told about all it and the squire who made up a plan. They decided to first get the treasure and then defeat the pirates. It seemed to be much harder to defeat the bad guys than Jim had excepted, but at last they managed to kill them all and then sail back to England. Like most adventure stories, also “Treasure Island” has a happy ending and all the good guys at the ship got several thousands of pounds when they shared the treasure. My own reactions My reactions of this book were very good, though I have read “Treasure Island” lots of times before. It’s a thrilling adventure book that is exactly what I like. The major theme is superb and you’ll never think that the book is boring. I don’t think that the author had another purpose than just writing a good novel when he made it up. And I must admit that he certainly managed to do it.The book is not so deep which makes it easy to explain but also pleasant to read if you just want to relax and dream away… If you haven’t read “Treasure Island” I highly recommend it.


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