History Of 1803 Essay Research Paper POLITICAL

History Of 1803 Essay, Research Paper

POLITICAL EVENTS: 1803 was probably one of the most important year in the

history of the United States. The reason for this is the Louisiana Purchase.

The Louisiana

Purchase was the largest land purchase ever made in the United States. The

Louisiana Purchase increased the national territory by about 140%; the total

amount of land purchased was 828,000 sq. miles in extent. It was purchased

from France for 80,000,000 francs, which is about $15 million in today’s

currency. These following states comprised original territory; Missouri,

Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, most of Louisiana, Kansas, Minnesota,

Montana, Wyoming, and parts of Colorado and Oklahoma.

Another political event that occurred in 1803 was Ohio became a state of the

United States. Also another political event in 1803 was the renewal of the

war between France and Britain. France also completed the Occupation of

Hanover. The Swiss cantons regained independence in 1803 to.

Robert Emmett, the leader of the Ir. July Rebellion was executed on September

20, 1803. The reason for this was he led an unsuccessful insurrection in

Dublin. But he was finally caught on July 23, 1803 and was hanged. He was

later celebrated as a martyr for the cause of Irish nationalism.


On May 23,1803 Captain Edward Preble was commissioned as a commander. He was

set for the third squadron to be sent against Tripod.

Also the renewal of the war between France and Britain started.


The first tax supported library was set up in 1803. It was located in

Salisbury Connecticut and was started as a gift from Caleb Bingham, who was a

Boston publisher. The library continued by grants of town money.

Also the German Pietism group was started. They were called Harminists, more

popularly known as Rappites after their leader George Rapp. George Rapp

established a communal settlement near Pittsburgh, which they called Harmony.

Glove manufacturing also began in 1803. The manufacturing began in

Gloversville New York. It was started by Ezekiel Case. The town then became

noted for the business of making gloves and mittens.

Also in 1803 there was a record set for Racehorse Peacemaking. The record

stood for 30 years, running 2 miles in 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

John Randolph also fluttered Philadelphia circling with the announcement that

he had fathered an illegitimate child.

The subscription prices of the Philadelphia Periodical raised. The portfolio

now cost $5 per year. It was suggested that the price would be negligible if

readers organized themselves into reading clubs.

James McComb erected the New York City Hall, one of the best of the late

Georgian buildings from plans.

On February 4, 1803 the first examples on American stage of French Melodrama

type play occurred. It was called Dunlap’s Adaptation. The voice of nature,

from a play by LC. Caigniez “Le Judgement de Solomon”. The type is free from

strict observance of cause and effect; it exaggerates passion and sentiments.

Also in 1803 a doctor set up a practice and advertised that he would be glad

to wait upon the public, but his first concern was for “his friends in



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