Wuthering Heights By Bronte Essay Research Paper

Wuthering Heights By Bronte Essay, Research Paper

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is a novel full of passion, love and betrayal.

It explores the love of two individuals and their influence on their

surroundings. The story occurs in a small town. In this area are the two homes

of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. The vast contrasts between these

houses symbolizes the people who reside their and how these individuals effect

the homes. Wuthering Heights is portrayed as a dark, dismal mausoleum. There are

long, narrow hallways with little light. In fact, when Isabella returns from

being married, she has trouble finding her way across the house because it is so

poorly lit. There is a dark presence about Wuthering Heights. The residence is

run down and the walls are fading and peeling. Also it is a cold, drafty place.

In fact, Linton always has fires going because it is always so chilly. Wuthering

Heights is a gloomy, oppressive place. On the other hand, Thrushcross Grange has

a light, joyful presence. At this home, love is bountiful and its occupants are

happy. It is the picture of a loving husband and wife with two beautiful

children. The kids are seen playing with a dog, laughing, and having fun. In

fact, when Catherine, the main character visits them, she stays for months. They

treat her well, and she comes home refined and happy. Thrushcross Grange

provides a feeling of a house redolent with joy. Just as the homes differ

greatly, so do the home?s inhabitants. Both of these houses symbolize their

main occupants. Heathcliff, Hareton, and Linton all live at Wuthering Heights.

Heathcliff is the dark, brooding character. He is mean, angry, and full of

revenge. He viciously beats his own son and niece. Then Heathcliff forces them

to marry each other, so that he can have control over Wuthering Heights and

Thrushcross Grange when his son dies. Heathcliff also marries Isabella, a women

he hates. He does this to get revenge on her and her brother for having

commented unfavorably about him. She is treated so atrociously that she runs

away while pregnant. Yet, Heathcliff does not care and does not bother going

after her. These are only a few of the actions of Heathcliff, yet they show his

cruel nature and dark personality. Heathcliff also treats Hareton abdominally

and thus Hareton becomes a younger version of Heathcliff. Hareton, too, is mean

and vengeful. He never says anything nice to anyone and shuts himself away from

others. Linton is Heathcliff?s son, and is a manipulative scoundrel. He uses

his illness to coerce his cousin Cathy to visit him. Linton knows his father

will force Cathy to marry him, but afraid of a beating, he still asks Cathy to

come. Linton then allows Cathy to be held hostage in his home. He could obtain

the key to let her out, but he is too scared for himself to rescue his cousin.

Apparent is the selfish and cruel characteristics of these individuals. There is

no joy in their lives, but they are filled with bitter anger. These feelings are

transferred to Wuthering Heights and thus both the house and its occupants seem

dismal and sinister. Residing at Thrushcross Grange are Edgar, Catherine, and

Cathy. They epitomize good people who are kind and not drawn to violence. Edgar

never raises his hand to anyone. He shows a sweet, gentle love to Catherine. He

worries about her and take cares of her when she is ill. Edgar never becomes mad

when she spends time with Heathcliff. He gives her anything she wants and is

always kind to her. Although Catherine is not perfect, she is basically a kind

individual. She cares about Edgar and never yells at him or harms him. Yet, it

is really Catherine?s outer beauty that is representative of Thrushcross

Grange. Catherine is fair and beautiful. She appears angelic and thus this

beauty is translated to her home. Cathy is a fine, young lady. She loves her

father and stays at his side constantly when he is ill. She even consents to

marry Linton, so she can see her father. Cathy is even kind to Linton who is a

whining brat. Cathy is young, spirited, and happy. These same traits are found

at Thrushcross Grange. There is a impression of peace that is felt by all.

Although it may seem that the homes control its occupants, it is actually the

other way around. As the inhabitants change, so do the homes. In the end,

Wuthering Heights becomes a happy, joyful place. It is surrounded by flowers and

is a warm, safe haven. Much of this change is due to the people living there.

Heathcliff is no longer present and his negative presence has disappeared.

Hareton sheds his pessimistic demeanor and becomes a good person. Cathy also

comes to reside at Wuthering Heights and adds here positive attributes. When the

individuals are pleased, the houses seem like a happy place. Yet, when the

dwellers are mean and pessimistic, the homes seem dull and dreary. Thus it is

obvious that the residences alter to fit its inhabitants.


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