Video Production And Technology Evolution Essay Research

Video Production And Technology Evolution Essay, Research Paper

Communication SystemsVideo Production and Technology Evolution Technology has become a big part in the everyday lives of almost everyone. Everyday something new comes up or it being released to make communication more affordable or convenient for us. Over the past twenty years technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Some of us can remember using a record player to listen to our favorite music at home. Then the cassette tape was introduced to the market. We all had one, in our cars and in our homes. Then a totally new way to listen to music was created. It was the Compact Disc. This Digitally Mastered Sound was much clearer than that of Records and Tapes. Their was no rewinding and endless searching for your favorite song. Soon everything we use will be digital. We already are seeing the DVD players which allow us to watch movies on a Compact Disc. Their are also Digital cameras, Cassette players, and Camcorders. This digital revolution has had a major impact on the way that companies like Impact Creative Group (the company which he is president of) design, Edit , and Distribute Video Promotion. Some examples of this type of promotion which he showed us was a VHS tape which promoted a special new golf driver. Another was a Precise Punching machine which can be used in many mechanical industries. The machine which was being advertised was not however cheap either priced at over One Million Dollars. He went on to explain that the equipment which one day took up a whole room and used two inch reel to reel tape can be done on a single PC with state of the art Video Applications. These popular applications such as Adobe Premiere and Finish give you the ability to Edit, Render, and add Visual Effects to a video with ease. This new technology allows for faster production and added special effects. The pointed out to us That the time for turn around has been greatly, and the most important thing is to get the customers attention. It is key to get out to the customer and make them see the product but in the process make the advertisement easily accessible. For Example almost every household has a VCR. So Companies feel why not create s short video which will show the people how buying their product will be beneficial to them. Then the video can be sent to anyone whom is interested in the product and wishes to receive it. This is a highly effective method of advertisement and is being used more and more everyday by companies everywhere.

Another interesting topic brought up towards the end of the class was the fact that the world of TV is soon to be changed forever. Within the next four years NBC along with many other broadcasters will be broadcasting an HDDT signal which stands for High Definition Digital Television. The Televisions which are needed to convert this signal are today around $6,000. He made sure to point out that along with this new signal the stations also must broadcast the original signal also from Two to Four years after HDDT is launched. This way the people with the old TV s can still get stations. And about the $6,000 TV, don t worry they will come down in price just like any other electronic component out there today. Within the next 5 years everyone will have one and TV will never be the same. Technology has changed alot since the 1970 s and the speed of this change is getting faster and faster. So hang on it is going to be a wild and exciting ride for all of us.


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