Computer Science Personal Statement Essay Research Paper

Computer Science Personal Statement Essay, Research Paper

Choosing to read Computing wasn’t a

hard decision to make. I thoroughly enjoy working with computers and have owned

a P.C. for the past 8 years. The enjoyment I’ve experienced during past lessons

and from good examination grades also aided my choice. The fact that the I.T. market is

forever expanding is what really appeals to me. I believe that I am reasonably

competent and also capable of keeping abreast of many of the latest

technologies and hope to incorporate them into my work. For example, I am intrigued by the

concept of the Internet. The idea that any information is easily and relatively

rapidly accessible from any connected terminal demonstrates how much computer

technology has evolved during the last 20 years. My aim is to develop future

generations of Internet technology; making it more secure, widespread and

capable of housing more material than ever before. My computer usage has not just been

limited to home and school. In 1999 I was sent to the Administrations Department

of IRISC Claims Management, a large insurance company in Sheffield, as part of

my Trident work experience. There I used P.C.s to log reference numbers of

received letters and to allocate them to their corresponding file. A Microsoft

Word based document, designed by myself, was also used to determine which files

needed retrieving and passing to appropriate senior staff. Other tasks included

inputting new claims, organising incoming post and other general office duties.

I was given a certificate for my hard work and excellent attendance and

punctuality. During the summer breaks of 2000

and 2001 I worked full-time at Ant Marketing in Rotherham as a Tele-marketing

researcher. As well as using telecommunications to interact with the client, I

simultaneously recorded their responses to scripted questions on a custom-made

P.C. program. Every hour the results of these questionnaires would be sent to

the local server to calculate my hourly figure. Recently I attended a Junior

Football Managers course that qualifies me, not only to coach children of ages

upto 11 but to administer First Aid for the next three years and to have the

opportunity to become the appointed Child Protection Officer of any Chartered

football club. This award also enables me to build up my catalogue of football

coaching techniques and I’m now eligible to proceed to the Advanced

Certificate. In 2000 I travelled to the Spanish

Pyrenees on a skiing trip with school. For my “Excellent” abilities I was

awarded a Diploma after completing a 5-day skiing school. As well as my interest in computers

I have other hobbies. I am a keen sports fan, in particular, football. I have

played for, an on occasion captained, my school throughout the last 6½ years

and for several successful local clubs and hope I will be able to persue this

interest at University. Other representative sports include rugby and cricket.

I also enjoy being a spectator and am currently in my 8th year as a

season-ticket holder at Sheffield United Football Club. I enjoy travelling and have also

visited St. Cast in northern France on two occasions and been on Summer Camp in

Borrowdale in the Lake District. I have also taken holidays in Greece, Turkey,

USA, Mexico and Thailand; where I went elephant trekking. I am looking forward to the challenges

of working in Higher Education and to persue my keen interest in Computing.


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