What Has Been The Effect Of Change

Upon The Environment Essay, Research Paper

What has been the effect of change upon the

environment?At the Lea Valley Regional Park the changes have

effected wildlife immensely because from the NWR I found out that in the 1960?s

there was 29 species of birds such as pelicans, woodpeckers and jays. But now

Pelicans have not been sighted in the area for about 3 years but this could be

because they live in warm regions and near seas or rivers with fish and in the

recent years the amount of fishes around England have dropped and also the

average temperature each month has dropped so that could be the reason they

have not been seen not because of the Park being built. Also now woodpeckers

have not been seen this is because of the lack of trees in the area because

they were cut down for various buildings. And finally jays have not been seen

in the area because they live in areas with little noise but now with the

Regional Park it would not be good place to be in so they moved on to over

places in Europe or Asia. In the area there has been a 300% rise in litter In

the last 50 years this is because of the area being modernised and built up, so

now it is an attractive place to ?hang out? so because of the increase of young

people to the area the litter rose, this rise is also occurred because there are

two food restaurants and a cinema and people coming from these places would

distribute there litter on the floor. And also there is a rise of pollution in

the area this is due to the rise in cars and visitors coming to the area

increasing the amount of car fumes in the area and the cutting down of the

trees means that there is more carbon dioxide in the area. There are two

opinions on the question is land being ruined or improved. So I did a

questionnaire 6 people said it was being improved and 4 said it was being

ruined but all the people who said it was being improved were under 25 and all

the others were older so they have different opinions because they use the area

in different ways. There is still some open space in the area but most of it

has been built on or is being used for example there is caravan site that

contains gypsies or the land that is used for the circus but a majority is been

built on. Wildlife is still in the area but not as much is still there because

of the air being not as clear as it was before the area was modernised.The effects of the Science Park being built is yet to

be known but they have proposed that 10 hectares of the land is going to be

conserved for habitats within the area but not many birds or wildlife will

choose to live there because of the noise and extra pollution. At the moment

you can not tell if there is going to be any unsightly land but at the moment

the land is very dirty looking. But with 10 hectares being improved for

environmental reasons there will be some open space left. And also at this area

there is split opinions because 5 people thought the land is being and 5

thought it was being ruined.?? Mansfield Road has not been effected a great deal

because there is still a large amount of open space, there is still quite a lot

of trees, wildlife and birds remain in the area apart from some fish because of

the reservoir, the only real effect is the rise in pollution because of the

reservoir. But in this area all ten people thought the changes were good they

give the reasons that the reservoir is good because it controls river levels

and that the park is nice for children.Alma road never used to have a great deal of wildlife

or birds in the area because of the houses in the area and the mill but the

amount of species of birds in the area have dropped from 23 to 15 this is

because the rise in pollution in the area and the loss of trees. There is no

open space in the area now because of the shops and flats. And in this area 9

people thought the land was improved this was because all of them lived in the

flats and the flats would not be there if there were no changes but the

remaining one person said the land has been ruined because there is no open

space and they said the flats are terrible this person lives in one of the

Victorian terraced house.Enfield Island has been effected a great deal because

now there is no open space or countryside and previously there was a great deal

because all there really was there was an Arms factory, there is no derelict

land because all the land is covered. There were no recordings of wildlife or

birds in the area because of the security in the area but the recordings now

say there is only 12 species of birds in the area this is the least amount

found in the areas I have studied this is because of the lack of trees in the

area. At this area no one said that they thought the land was improved or

ruined. They said they did not know because all the houses were not bought yet

so when the Island was full so then they would know.ConclusionI have came to the conclusion that the changes that

have occurred in the areas have been good and bad because although wildlife and

birds have decreased in the area the area is becoming a more modernised and

futuristic area and keeping all the green land and open space is old fashioned

and is not in keeping with the times. I feel that my answer to the first

question was too vague and too short. I also think my answer to the second

question was too vague but this was because I had difficulties getting

information but then I think my answers to the next two questions were good

this was because I could find information easily and it was more based on

questionnaires and peoples opinions. But I found the last question very

difficult because it took me a long time to get information and when I finally

got the information I had to rush the answer because of the time limit. If I

did this again I would of started earlier but it was difficult due to school work

and mocks.??


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