Mentally And Emotionally Essay Research Paper Treatment

Mentally And Emotionally Essay, Research Paper

Treatment of the emotionally and mentally handicapped has changed dramatically over the years. Back in the 1930?s and beyond there were really not that many handicapped (mentally or emotionally) around in the class room. Normally back in the 1930 if there was a child that was born with a disorder mentally or emotionally, those children were shipped off to institution were they would never see there real parents again. The parents were to forget that they had ever had a child and move on with their lives. Others took their own route. The parents that could not bare to see their children taken from them they would basically lock the child up in the house and not let it out or just keep him/ her from interacting with other kids/people. Now there are so many different options for mentally and emotionally challenged children and adults. There are now special homes called Group homes. These homes allow adults with a handicap to all live together and work together and take some responsibility for themselves. One Project called project L.I.F.E. Operates a supportive community for the handicapped. They operate sixty apartments in Manhattan and the Bronx for seventy-two persons with developmental disabilities (Project L.I.F.E.) But when investigated the houses were totally not suitable for these people to live in. There were cases of rotting wood, failure to document violence, failure to document progress of ones self-life and how progress was coming. So along with the good thought of Group project homes, these homes have to be taken care of otherwise they do no good.

Now in the 1990?s there have bee so many improvement for the rights of the mentally and emotionally handicapped people. Take high school for example. With in our school there are many additions to allow for these kids to come and learn to the best of their ability. Also they get to interact with kids and get experience of the real world. Our school ahas a special program just for them and they learn up until they quit, normally at the age of 21 either they graduate and move on with life or they stop coming to school. Throughout their years in school the highest achievement in math (in learning levels) Would be about a first grade math level. They are taught hoe to use a calculator to the best of their abilities, so they can somewhat understand if anyone is trying to take advantage of them. Their readings skills are up to a first grade level at the highest. Once out of school they can get into programs like sheltered workshops, which teach them how to prepare for a job, or teach hands on experiences etc. For example the Gurtrude Barber center here in Erie help out the mentally and or emotionally handicapped. Another one, just west of Pittsburgh is called the McGuire Homes. One located in Leachdale Pittsburgh called Dixmount. These are other organization in which the children are taken care of and helped along their lives.

Another aspect of today is medicine. Many think that the medicine does wonders and helps the children and adults to live longer with out as many problems. Well many strongly disagree with that. Many believe that the drugs are given out to freely and wit out enough background information.

The communities have changed and so have the cities toward helping the handicapped. There are now, in all public places, by law, they are all wheel chair excisable and built specifically for the handicapped. There are a lot, some people think to many, Wheel chair excisable parking places.

So all together the communities and cities have all pulled together to make a better and happier life for those who are less fortunate. There are many different places and organizations that were made specifically for the handicapped and although there are different points to view it has changed for the better. There are so man things that mentally and emotionally challenged children can do now that they could not do in the 1930?s.


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