Vocab Essay Research Paper Pride being

Vocab Essay, Research Paper

Pride ? being proud, inordinate self-esteem; and unreasonable conceit of one?s own superiority over others.

Insufficient ? not sufficient, inadequate to any need, use or purpose.

Consequence ? that which follows from any act, cause, principles or series of actions.

Pliancy ? quality of being pliant; easiness to be vent; readiness to be influenced.

Ductility ? a yielding disposition of mind; ready compliance.

Commendation ? praise, favorable representation of words, declaration of esteem; respects; greeting; message of love.

Synonymously ? to express by words of the same meaning (words that have the same meaning (synonym)

Endeavor ? to try to do; an effort; an essay; an attempt.

Defy ? to provoke to combat or strife, to challenge; to dare, to despise.

Engross ? to enlarge; to take up the whole of (engross one?s time).

Accost ? to speak first to; to address before oneself is addressed.

Felicity ? happy; bliss.

Tete a tete ? (tete-a-tete) a private interview with no one but the parties concerned.

Complexion ? The temperament, habitude or natural disposition of the body or mind, the color or hue of the skin particularly of the face.

Symptoms ? Any sign or token; what serves as evidence not seen.

Abominable ? detestable, loathsome; odious in the utmost degree.

Eminent ? Standing out above other things, lofty, exalted in rank.

Countenance ? demeanor, way of acting or holding one?s self; appearance or expression of the face.

Odious ? offensive, hateful, horrible.

Discretion ? quality of being discreet, caution, prudence, sound judgement.

Reprehensible ? deserve to be reprehended; blameworthy; censurable; deserving reproof.

Prosperity ? good progress in any business or enterprise; success, good fortune.

Amiable ? possessing agreeable moral qualities, having an excellent or attractive disposition; lovable.

Bestow ? possessing agreeable moral qualities, having an excellent or attractive disposition; lovable.

Extinguish ? to put out; to quench; to stifle; to put and end to; to suppress, to destroy; the crush to eclipse.

Elopement ? the running away of a woman, married or unmarried, with a lover.

Perusal ? Peruse is to read through, to observe, to examine with careful survey, the act of perusing or reading.

Preference ? the preferring of one thing or another; the object of choice; higher place in esteem.

Melancholy ? sad, distraught.

Forbearance ? long suffering; indulgence towards those who injure us (patience).

Approbation ? approval.

Insolent ? naughty, rude, defiant, overbearing, saucy.

Prejudice ? to be biased against.

Hypocrite ? the act of simulating or feigning to be what one is not; especially a false appearance of piety and virtue, insincerity.

Cordial ? sincere, warm, affectionate.

Unassailed ? not to be moved or shaken from a purpose.

Haughty ? proud and disdainful; having a high opinion of ones self, with some content for others; lofty arrogant; disdainful; supercilious.

Disposed ? to put away or get rid of. It has been thrown away.

Superciliousness ? having a haughty error or manor; acting as if others were inferiors; arrogant.

Tolerable ? capable of being borne or endured; moderately good or agreeable.

Entreat ? to ask earnestly.

Gallant ? to wait on or be very attentive to a lady.

Composure ? a settled state of mind, calmness; tranquillity.

Sentiment ? a thought prompted by feeling; tendency to be swayed by feeling; emotion.

Chaise ? a two-wheeled carriage drawn by one or more horses, and generally furnished with a hood of top that me be let down.

Feverish ? having fever.

Impertinence ? irrelevantly; in a rude, saucy, manor.

Indulge ? to give free course to gratify by compliance.

Solace ? to console; to comfort; what relieves in distress.

Witticism ? wit is a quality or faculty akin to humor. Witticism is a witty sentence phrase, or remark; and observation characterized by wit.

Rapture ? a transport of delight; ecstasy; extreme joy or pleasure; enthusiasm.

Precipitance ? rash haste; rushing headlong.

Subsisting ?.existing, to be maintained with food and clothing.

Premeditated ? to contrive (scheme) and design previously.

Verdure ? green vegetation.

Exertion ? a putting forth of power; and effort.

Scrutiny ? close investigation or examination.

Inducement ? that which induces or leads one to act; a motive; a consideration that leads to action.

Pecuniary ? relating to or connected with money; consisting of money.

Incumbent ? lying or resting upon; a person in possession of an ecclesiastical benefice or other office.

Duplicity ? doubleness; different or contrary conduct; deceit.

Esteem ? to set a high value on; respect; great regard.

Diminution ? the state of becoming or appearing less; making smaller; discredit; loss of dignity; degradation.

Render ? to give in return; to give or pay back.

Equipage ? materials with which a person or thing is equipped.

Conscience ? private or inward thoughts or real sentiments; the faculty, power, or principle within us, which decides on the rightness or wrongness of our own actions and affections.

Michaelmas ? the feast of saint Michael, the archangel, which falls on the 29th of September.

Disposition ? state of being disposed; temper or natural constitution of the mind.

Conceit ? an ill?grounded opinion of one?s own importance.

Reliance ? dependence; confidence; trust.

Impertinent ? Unbecoming in speech or actions; petulant and rude.

Converse ? mutual communication of thoughts and opinions; to chat.

Pedantic ? a person who makes a vain display of his learning, or who prides himself on his book learning that is devoid of taste; one devoted to a system of rules.

Complacent ? gratified; satisfied; a sense of quite enjoyment.

Ample ? of great size; bulk; wide; abundant; plentiful.

Coincide ? to happen at the same point of time.

Motive ? that which incites to action.

Solicitude ? an uneasiness of mind occasioned by fear of evil or desire for good; concern; anxiety.

Vulgar ? pertaining to the lower or less refined class of people; hints, somewhat coarse; rude; boorish; low.

Profuse ? extravagant; lavish; liberal to excess.

Perpetual ? continuing forever; uninterrupted.

Compliment ? to flatter; expression of commendation or admiration or praise.

Gratify ? to please; to give pleasure to; to indulge, delight, humor, satisfy.

Comparative ? comparison of different things belonging to same science or study.

Affront ? to confront; to offend by an open manifestation of disrespect; to insult.

Magnitude ? greatness; importance.

Impartial ? not favoring one party more than another; unprejudiced; equitable; just.

Propriety ? belonging to ownership.

Remonstrance ? a strong statement of reasons against something.

Comply ? to consent; to agree; to yield.

Assertion ? an affirmation (positively), to join, connect, bind, support.

Predominance ? superiority empower, influence, or authority.

Incomprehensible ? incapable of being comprehended or understood.

Rally ? a mass meeting to arouse group enthusiasm. To reunite.

Presume ? to suppose or believe without examination.

Conjecture ? to throw together; a guess; a presumption.

Scandalous ? causing scandal or offense; shameful, libelous; slanderous.

Scrupulous ? full of scruples; careful; precise; exact in regarding facts.

Ascertain ? to make certain.

Vex ? to irritate; fret, pelage, annoy; to make sorrowful; to grieve.

Tenant ? one who occupies lands or houses for which he pays rent.

Fastidious ? hard or difficult to please ( as in Mr. Tawa Ha), difficult to suit.

Intimate ? to hint, indicate, or suggest; to announce. (OR) close in friendship; on very familiar terms.

Provoke ? to challenge; to excite or arouse; to instigate; to excite to anger or passion; to irritate; to enrage.

Indignation ? a feeling of displeasure at what is unworthy or base; anger, mingled with content, disguised or abhorrence.

Mediate ? to interpose between parties as the equal friends of each; to negotiate between persons at variance with a view to reconciliation.

Contrive ? to invent; to devise; to plan. To form schemes or designs.

Regiment ? to assign soldiers to battalions, squadrons, or batteries, in branches of the army.

Benevolence ? the disposition to do good; the love of mankind; kindness; and charitable.

Draughts ? the act of drawing; or being drawn by a cart or plow or the drawing of liquor into the mouth and throat; a sweeping of the water for fish with a net; a currant of air moving through a enclosed or confined space, as through a room or up a chimney.

Nonsensical ? having no sense; unmeaning; absurd.

Exquisite ? of great excellence or fineness; perfect; refined; delicate, pleasurable or painful in the highest degree.

Civility ? good greeting; politeness; courtesy.

Commendations ? declarations of esteem.

Reproof ? blame expressed to the face; rebuke; and reprimand.

Obstinacy ? the state or quality of being obstinate (stubborn) or not easily subdued or removed.

Deference ? respect; courteous consideration obedience; a yielding of opinion.

Picturesque ? vivid and striking imagery; a pleasing picture.

Wantonly ? unrestrained, reckless, to sport in lewdness.

Repugnance ? feeling of dislike for some action.

Censure ? finding fault, blaming, condemning as wrong.

Condescend ? to lower ones self to the level of and inferior.

Imprudence ? indiscreet; injudicious; rash; heedless.

Perturb ? (Pissed-off as in your dad) to disturb; to agitate; to disorder; to confuse.

Mediocre ? of moderate degree or quality; of middle rate; middling.

Merited ? to earn or deserved.

Negligent ? careless; heedless; neglectful.

Eccentric ? given to act in a way peculiar to one?s self and different from other people; odd.

Hermitage ? a person who retires from society and lives in solitude; a recluse or a kind-of French wine.

Disdain ? to deem or regard as worthless.


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