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Julius Caesar Essay, Research Paper

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was born on July 13th in 100B.C. His full name is Gaius Julius Caesar, which was the same as his father?s name. Julius Caesar was the most famous Roman general and was one of the most influential political and military leaders in history. He helped establish the vast Roman Empire.

Caesar gained all his power in four different areas. Those areas are politics, government, religion, and in the military. Using these amazing powers he controlled many aspects of Roman life.

In 84B.C. Caesar married Cornelia, the daughter of Lucis Cornelius Cinna, a noble who was Marious? associate in revolution. Lucis Cornelius Sulla demanded they divorce in 83, but Caesar refused, risking his job and his life.

Caesar went to Rhodes to study oratory. Pirates captured him on his way. His relatives paid a ransom and he was released. Once he was out he recruited private troops and captures the Pirates. Then he executed them.

Caesar had won victories in Spain and had attracted many men in Rome. In 60B.C, Caesar and Pompey formed an alliance with Marcus Lucius Crassus, who was a very wealthy general. They agreed to pool their resources and Rule Rome together. They were known as the First Triumvirate, which meant three-man commission.

They gained control of Rome but soon split up by rivalries. Crassus died fighting in the East and Caesar went to Gaul and Britain. Pompey feared Caesar?s power and allied himself to the Senate. Between 58B.C. and 49B.C. Caesar conquered more territory in Gaul. He also led two expeditions to Britain.

Caesar was going to seize power in Rome. He crushed an army led by Pompey. This left Caesar in charge of the military in Rome. It also signified the end of the Roman Republic. In 44B.C he was appointed dictator for life and in the same year was assassinated. Before his death he introduced reforms that helped strengthen Rome and protect his own power. He distributed land and money to the poor and granted Roman citizenship to people in provinces outside Italy. He also reduced unemployment by creating many building projects and increased the soldiers pay. He introduced a new calendar that was more accurate. It was based on the Hellenistic astronomy. It was called the Julian Calendar and was used in Europe until 1582A.D.

Even though the Senate and Assembly of tribes continued to exist, he still had total power. However many people referred to him as a tyrant and that he was destroying the Republic. Other people were jealous of all his popularity. Whatever the reason, on March 15th 44B.C. a group of conspirators that were led by Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar twenty-three times until he was dead. Julius Caesar died in the Senate in front of a Pompey statue. This day is now known as Ides of March

Before his death, Caesar adopted his eight-teen year old grandnephew Octavian as his son and heir. When Caesar passed away Octavian took control and formed a Second Triumvirate with two of Caesar?s chief commanders.

Julius Caesar was a wonderful general and statesman. He was the conqueror of Gaul who brought about the effective end of the Republic. He was the most famous dictator and general in Rome history and always will be.


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