An Expectation And Its Reality Essay Research

An Expectation And Its Reality Essay, Research Paper


Expectation is a vision but reality is when it happens to you.

What we see is an illusion, what we do is a reality. What comes back to us

is worth giving a thought to, what we feel is there, and what we think is

an expectation. So basically what we expect from people or things is far away

from the reaction we receive. Expectations can be very high, but the output

that we get is often not exactly the same. Reality is mostly cruel and harsh.

Whereas, an expectation is a world of dreams. It s like being on the other side of

the mirror where everything seems so pretty and perfect but the fact is that it s

all fake. You always expect to see something nice and new to pop up their, but

all that pops up is a pimple. So here we see that reality usually packed with all its

ugliness attacks you with its over powering strength and hits you hard

enough to sweep you off your feet.

Then again, its not always that bad as it may sound. If you are really

lucky your expectations may turn into a living reality and at times hard work also pays

off. It s all a matter of fate and fortune. It s a fact that an expectation and its reality are

never consistently even. However, it also depends on what your goals are.

Like I work twenty-seven hours/week. Now at the end of every week I expect to

get heavy cash but what I do get always disappoints me. This is where the harsh reality

hits me and I m absolutely thrown off my feet and I feel like saying mean things to my

manager but I can t cause if I did I get fired and I can t afford that either. So one learns to

live up with reality no matter what it takes. Every week it seems like a traumatizing event

has occurred in my life but I simply go on with it.

Also when I get home from work or school I expect to cook my self some

excellent food but I always end up munching on a cheese sandwich or some other gross

junk. Well, this is life, a reality. You never get what you expect.

But that s not all. It s not just me that seems to be complaining. Generally we see,

when a child is born his parents can t wait till he starts talking and as he gets older they

can t wait till he shuts up. So reality rules everywhere. Also, parents always expect too

much out of their children. They expect them to grow up to be all nice and sweet, become

wonderful people, an example for the society they live in, pride for their country and all

that sort of stuff but mostly what happens is that either the kid grows up to be some

looser or some hotshot dude with a passion for body piercing and lust for bike riding.

Hence, what we think isn t what always turns out to be.

The point is that mostly we expect too much from ourselves and also from others.

We end up cutting down the hard facts and think easy. Little do we know that it s only

good for the time being cause at that time it may seem good for the brain, at least we

don t get all stressed out and all worked up but later on when the reality stands up in our

face is when we realize the consequences of the matter.

In order to turn ones great expectations into a reality, hard work is required along

with appropriate goals. So if I buy a car for two hundred bucks and expect it to run like a

Lexus, shine like a brand new BMW, and last as long as I live, it would be a bit too much

on my part. Rather the best strategy would be to think moderately and buy a nice cheep

car and keep working on it to get the best out of it.

Also, at times under favorable conditions, things may turn out in a totally opposite

manner. Just like at times you expect too less from some thing and receive the best out of

it. This has happened to me so many times that the people I always expect to kick me

when I m in trouble are always the first to come to my rescue.

Similarly when I go shopping and find out that what I came to buy is on half price

sale I simply go insane with happiness and joy. These are the times when reality seems

like a heavenly state of being.

Through such little events in our lives we learn that it s always good to expect

high of something but only when you plan to work towards it. Sitting idle and thinking

that a miracle will happen and the needy will get clothes and poor will get food is not

the proper attitude. Because sometimes realization comes so late that things can t be

corrected and time never comes back. So before reaching out for something one should

always look what he s getting himself into and what will be the results.


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