Shakespearean Comedy Essay Research Paper Shakespeare is

Shakespearean Comedy Essay, Research Paper

Shakespeare, is quite possibly one of English literature?s most esteemed and influential writers/playwrights, in history. His talent for composing classic scripture shines through his comedies, A Midsummer Night?s Dream, in particular. In this play, Shakespeare incorporates many distinct types of comedy to accent his knack for creating heart-felt plays that have deeply touched millions. There are several different types of comedies in the book and each is well represented through complex characters designed fully from the imagination and life of Shakespeare himself. Much of the comedic parody is at a ?mortal?s? expense; Shakespeare did this to exhibit what he thought of the male race outside of his literary fantasy world. Even Shakespeare?s more burlesque plays seem to have transcended the realms of brilliance, becoming so prominently admired, that his theatrical works have profoundly affected today?s culture and literature.

All of the chaos, caused by one, Robin Goodfellow, has tortured four Athenian lovers. Hermia, Demetrius, Lysander, and Helena have all been the scapegoats for Robin the sprite?s mockery, although this romantic comedy ended happily with the help of magic. Farce comedy, shines through exaggeration and boisterous laughter when Robin the puck turned Nick Bottom?s head into that of a donkey?s. Nick Bottom is an overconfident dolt who was chosen to play Pyramus. He frequently makes mistakes and misuses his language, so naturally he was often made fun of. High comedy was meant to show through intellectually and authoritatively. Once again Bottom was the root of mockery when he sometimes was unaware of his mistakes. Lastly, and most commonly, low comedy was made to present laughs for any kind of audience. Whether it was when Robin made an old woman spill her drink, or pulled the chair out from under her, everyone laughed. Shakespeare often created comedy for Fairy?s amusement.

Shakespeare intertwined comedy, romance, and fantasy with elements of ancient Greece, and Renaissance England. The various mixes of genres ultimately resulted in another classic play that has once again labeled Shakespeare as one of the greatest playwrights of all time.


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