Whom Do You Want Helping You Essay

Whom Do You Want Helping You? Essay, Research Paper

Whom do you want helping you?

In the world of customer service, a salesperson must possess many skills to push and sell their product. Some of these skills come after many years of hard work, however sometimes a salesperson possess these skills without even knowing. The ideal salesperson has the ability to communicate with the customer, and provide correct answers and information on the products they sell. They must also make an appearance and an impression that would make any customer want to return to the store they work in. Salespersons can be divided into three major categories, the ignorant salesperson, the adequately prepared salesperson, and the knowledgeable experienced salesperson.

The Ignorant Salesperson

Most customers do not like dealing with an ignorant salesperson because of the many flaws that this person has as a salesperson. An ignorant salesperson usually does not want to be a salesperson but they are doing it because it gives them a steady paycheck. This salesperson lacks one of the fundamental aspects of selling products; they have no background or knowledge of their product. In order to sell effectively, this person must know how and what the product can do. The salesperson can give better advice on which model or brand to buy, by knowing what the product does. This salesperson also does not have the knowledge necessary to answer questions that customers might have concerning the products they buy. This salesperson knows a little if not the same amount of information about the product as the customers do. Any questions that ask about the creation or manufacturing of the product would fly right over the salespersons head. They have no background of the product and they do not attempt to learn about the product they sell. Another flaw this salesperson has comes in their knowledge of their store. When a salesperson does not know where an item can be found a customer will definitely not know where to look. The last flaw that this ignorant person has lies in their attitude and appearance. On top of the lack of knowledge of their product, the salesperson makes matters worse by having a bad attitude and a bad appearance. If the persons attitude says they do not want to help you then they will not help you with any problems you might have. Their appearance helps the customer decide whether the customer will return to the store. The appearance of a salesperson is the first and last thing a customer will remember about a salesperson and the store they see this person in.

The Adequately Prepared Salesperson

This type of salesperson may not know everything about the product they sell but they try their best to help you as much as they possibly can. The adequately prepared salesperson has a background in the product they sell but they are not experts on it. They know enough about their product to inform the customer that a certain brand may not meet the customer?s requests. In addition, they have the ability to answer most questions that customers might ask and if they do not know the answer, they do not try to hide the fact that they do not know it. They would go to someone who has more expertise over that product and find the answer for you. This person also has an idea of where the product lies and tries to point the customer in the right direction. They know enough about the store to have a general idea of the location of the product unlike the ignorant salesperson that has no idea of where the product lies. This person also has a positive attitude most of the time they deal with customers. They try to have a happy and positive attitude whenever they go to work. They also try to keep up a good appearance because they are trying to sell the product and they represent their company. Their appearance has one of the most important influences on whether they return and shop at the store. If the salesperson does not have a well-kept and groomed appearance than the customer probably will not return to the store to shop. This salesperson also tends to greet the customers as they enter the store, however they do not greet every customer because they have something or someone else to help. This helps make the customer feel welcomed in the store because of the hospitality shown by the employees.

The Knowledgeable Experienced Salesperson

The final type of salesperson is the knowledgeable experienced salesperson. This type of salesperson is the type of person that customers wish would help them. This person knows everything about the product they sell and happen to be an expert on it. They may have studied the product because they had an interest in the product or they study it to be better prepared to sell the item. By knowing everything about the product they have an understanding about some of the problems that might arise because of malfunction. Since they have a background covering the product, they can answer any questions that customers might have concerning the product. The customer enjoys dealing with a sales representative that knows what they can do and makes the customer aware of the risks and advantages of buying certain products. Through explanation of each product, the customer can save time and money choosing the product of greater quality. This type of salesperson assists the customer in finding the merchandise they need because he knows the exact location of everything in the store. If a customer were lost, this person would be able to point you in the direction of what you need. They might even walk you to the product so you would not get lost again. The salesperson also comes to work looking good everytime they enter their store. Their uniform is clean; the right size, and well kept. They make sure their shirt tail remains tucked in the whole time they work, if it comes undone then they wait until the customer has been satisfied then they tuck it back in. By keeping a good appearance the person leaves a good impression on the customers, which means that the customer has more of a chance of returning then if the salesperson did not look professional. Along with their good appearance, the salesperson has a good attitude when it comes to handling the customers every need. They learn to deal with any problems that the customer might have and they deal with the customer?s complaints with a smile. In addition, they greet their customers as they enter the store with a warm smile or small friendly conversation. This also helps the customer decide on whether they will return to the store because of the moods of the employees. If all the employees remained quiet and did not help you unless you had a complaint then you would probably not return to that store. However, if the employees greeted you and talked to you making sure that you had everything you needed, then you probably would return to the store.

Not everyone has the ability to be a salesperson; it takes many years of practice and hard work to become one. A person must have the ability to work with people, and understand their every complaint and question. The salesperson works to fulfill your every need even when the salesperson is not totally sure what you want. Salespersons can be divided into three major categories, the ignorant salesperson, the adequately prepared salesperson, and the knowledgeable experienced salesperson.


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