What Makes A Good Television Commercial Essay

, Research Paper

??????????? Television commercials have the

advantage of being broadcast to millions of viewers, and can use camera and

lighting techniques as well as sound and picture to appeal to the viewer,

unlike radio and newspaper advertisements.??????????? In view

of the many TV commercials which appear on our screens a memorable commercial

needs to have a script and graphics that keep the viewers? interest and

attention. It should also include information and details about the company or

the product it is promoting. The first few seconds of a commercial are the most

important part since the first few frames will determine whether the viewer

will continue to be absorbed.??????????? For a

commercial to be successful it does not have to have a long duration. Some of

the most successful campaigns have been built on ten second commercials which

have left a lasting impression.? Since

the objective of advertising is to sell more product or provide information,

considerable attention should be given to the opening sequences. ??????????? Famous

people are frequently used to give the product or company prestige, and to

appeal to the public, for example the Spice Girls were used to advertise

Polaroid cameras, and as they are many children?s? idols, the popularity of the

cameras increased, and so did sales of the camera.??????????? Many companies use TV commercials to

advertise a special offer, to target to many people at once how good it is.??????????? Different camera and lighting

techniques can be used to create different images and portray different things.

For example if a building is required to look bigger than it actually is in

reality, a tilt up camera shot could be used and special techniques of lighting

could also face up to the building. ??????????? Jingles or songs are used so the

viewer can identify with them in every day life, and remember the television

commercial they saw it in, which could possibly result in the viewer buying the

product or visiting the shop.??????????? The only disadvantage of television

commercials is that they often cost a great deal of money, and usually only

large companies use them. Also, it would be a bit pointless to advertise a shop

in Scotland to viewers in South West England, so usually only chains of stores

advertise. Despite this, television commercials are often the most widely used

and best way of advertising chain shops.


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