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On Tidy Endings Essay Research Paper The

On Tidy Endings Essay, Research Paper

The play I decided to write about is On Tidy Endings . The new resolution I have in mind is a more negative aspect towards both characters, which are Marion and Arthur. Arthur decided to file a lawsuit against Marion for the apartment because she wants to sell it for the apparent reason that she wants Arthur out of her life and eventually he won the case. Since Marion had HIV and she was in a depression because of losing the case, she decided to murder Arthur out of vengeance because of losing both things close to her heart, which were her husband and the apartment. The Plan did not go as planned. She did murder him but the building where she did it had surveillance cameras and it was impossible to run away from the evidence. In the end she went to jail and Jimmy became a drug pusher. This could be a different ending, if you want to add gas to the fire.

Since this play has only one scene, some lines and characters must be modified to appropriately soothe the new and improved ending.

Marion came to the apartment really late because of New York traffic that caused a little quarrel. This part could be the offstage part while Arthur is on the stage wondering why Marion is late and worrying about her welfare. He is doing this while preparing dinner, so they are able to sign the forms from the lawyers. The current opening lines are fine. Those lines are appropriate because it is a minor confrontation between Marion and Jimmy, which leads to greater issues in the story. All the build up of stress, the death of Collin, the constant nagging of Jimmy and dealing with Arthur makes Marion go nuts.

After entering in the apartment, Marion is tense because of being late. Arthur questions her with a concerning voice. Marion takes it personal and blows up on everyone and Arthur takes is really delicately. She is able to calm herself down and they both wait for Marion s lawyer, June. When June finally comes she tells them both to sign but Arthur is a little reluctant then Marion becomes very impatient with him and this is when Arthur becomes angry and they both got into fighting again.

In this part Arthur grows to be angry and says stupid things, like he will sue Marion for the house because he deserved it as much as anyone. A death threat from Marion arises and they fought physically and Marion won that match up.

The commotion got very load and they were becoming a nuisance. The neighbors came over and had to intervene. One neighbor, Mr. Rogers, came and slapped both of them in order for him to let each other free.

As you can see, one additional character is added to the play and he is able to provide us with the fact that the fight was really violent. In my opinion an extra scene should be suggested because my resolution was a bit graphic in the sense that the violent behavior presented can be converted into more details.

At the end Marion sprang out of the there and Arthur immediately called his attorney s and they battled in court for a period of four months. She lost the case and Arthur sold the apartment because the value went up.

In concluding this essay my views on the play are simple. What Marion did was honest. She was unable to muddle through with the fact that her husband was a homosexual and that she had to deal with her husbands wife . Everyday people experience certain issues that they find new and affect everyone.