Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper The 2

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research Paper

?The Differences?

The play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare is a tragic love story. When reading the play it can be very difficult to understand. This is mainly because you are unable to see the setting and the characters. Two producers, Zefirelli and Luhrmann, have created films based on this play. Both films cover the same major elements of the storyline, however each films has distinguishing features.

There are many features that differ between the two films. For instance Zefirelli?s film was set in the 1500’s and Luhrmann?s film was set in the 1900’s. In Zefirelli?s film they used horses for transportation and in Luhrmann?s film they used cars. Also in Zefirelli?s film Juliet uses Romeo?s dagger to kill herself and in Luhrmann?s film she uses a gun. Another feature that differs is the fact that when Romeo returns to Verona after being banished in Zefirelli?s film no one seems to notice , however in Luhrmann?s film the police are chasing after him. There are also many features that are the same in both films. For instance in both films all of the main characters are the same. They also both have the same basic plot. These are just some of the many distinguishing features that are in both of the producers versions of the play.

I personally liked Luhrmann?s version of the play better because I can relate to it more. Although the language is entirely different it is set in the same times that we live in now. However in Luhrmann?s film they seems to leave out and sometimes shorten some of the major parts of the play. I think if you wanted to learn more about the play without reading it you should watch Zefirelli?s film. Mainly because it follows the storyline more accurately. However if all you want to do is just get a good idea of the basic storyline and spend an enjoyable evening in front of your television then you should watch Luhrmann?s version of the play. Happy watching!!!!


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