ERASE How I Can End Racism And

E.R.A.S.E How I Can End Racism And Sexism In My School Essay, Research Paper

What Can I Do to End Violence, Racism, and Sexism in My School

Violence, racism, and sexism, some of the most used things in the school.

These things should be stopped, and a group of people in a high school from

New Jersey decided they had enough. This program none as E.R.A.S.E was

started to abolish violence, racism, and sexism in schools. In 1992 these

dedicated group of people set out to end these things. This program was then

branched out to local, state, and now country wide to help more and more people

and schools to stop the hate and promote social justice and prejudice in school


One subject they are trying to get rid of is violence. Violence is anything that

proposes harm to someone, whether it?s fighting, tripping, or pushing. It can be

verbal or physical both being put downs to you. Violence can also be to school

property as in graffiti or stealing. This is why it is hard to end it in schools. Since

violence is physical and verbal assaulting people do not think that they should

stop. People should realize that the people they are making fun of or hitting have

feelings just like them and should not be made fun of. Mediation with the children

who are doing this may let them know it is wrong to do what they are doing. Even

though this might be hard to some stubborn people who think they don?t have to

listen to everyone, some may hear me and realize that violence is bad and

violence should not be said or used on people because one person gets mad at


Racism, another big problem in the schools. This is another issue for a

person to solve which won?t be easy. People think that if someone is ?black? or ?a

Jew? it is okay to make fun of them. People think just because someone smells

because that is the way their religion is it is okay to insult them. It is not okay and

should not be tolerated by people. If someone is Polish they aren?t any different

from an Irish person. They both think the same and people don?t have to make

fun of them because they are not Irish like the other people. People also have

little jokes about some nationalities like Polish people are stupid or Irish people

drink alot. But fact is that some Polish people are very smart and some Irish

people hate drinking. People should not judge a book by its cover and if someone

is Jewish you don?t automatically say he is cheap or is an idiot. People should

give them a chance and they would find out that Jews are just the same as black


Sexism, almost just like racism but this is against ones sex. Sexism is

ridiculing the opposite sex. People think in certain ways like women are

secretaries and the men are the bosses, or men are the doctors and women are

the nurses, but as we see in today?s world men are secretaries and some are

nurses and women are the boss and some women are doctors. People should

not think just because she is a women she can?t play sports only men can, but as

we have seen the WNBA and the ABL have shown that women can play

basketball just as good as the men. Also favoritism in class is another form of

sexism. If their is a lady teacher and she always picks on girls and always yells at

boys then she is sexist. Sexist people should learn their mistakes and correct

them before it gets out of hand with lawsuits and more. I would have to tell them

the consequences of doing this if they don?t admit to doing it and then maybe

they?ll come to their senses and stop it. With mediation many people can realize

their mistakes.

Violence, racism, and sexism are used throughout the schools, and even

though the truth is one person won?t make a big impact, groups like E.R.A.S.E

and schools making goals to end this then the E.R.A.S.E dream may become a

reality. With the help of everyone then all those subjects may just become just a

figment of your imagination and all people will know is peace without violence,

racism, and sexism in their schools. The schools will be alot saver for the children

and the adults will feel that their kids won?t be subject to hearing it or even being

a part of it.


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