Romeo And Juliet Vocabulary Essay Research Paper

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Romeo And Juliet Vocabulary Essay Research Paper Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary WordDefinition Part of SpeechLocation Context mutiny n open to rebellion I i from ancient grudge break new mutiny mutined mutinou And Juliet Vocabulary Essay Research PaperRomeo and Juliet VocabularyWordDefinitionPart of SpeechLocation Context.

Romeo And Juliet Vocabulary Essay, Research Paper

Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

WordDefinition/Part of SpeechLocation Context

1. mutiny-n. open to rebellion735/I,i,3: “…from ancient grudge ??????????????????break new mutiny…”

-mutined, mutinous

2. civil-adj. of citizens735/I,i,4: “…where civil blood

??????????????????make hands undear…”

-civilly, civilizer

3. foe(s)-n. personal enemy735/I,i,5: “…from forth the fatal ??????????????????lins of the two foes…”


4. tyrant-n. absolute ruler that governs736/I,i,83: “…tis all one. I will sh-

(a cruel ruler)ow myself a tyrant. When…”


-tyranny, tyrannize

5. profaner(s)n. one who showing contempt or738/I,i,83: “…profraners of this

interverence toward God or sa-neighborhood stained steel…”

cred things


-profaner, profaneous

6. pernicous-adj. tending to cause death or738/I,i,85: “…that quench the fire o

injuryyour pernicous rage.”


-pernicousness, pernicously

7. adversary-n. an opponet; enemy739/I.i,107: “…here were the ??????????????????servants of your adversary…”

-adversaries, adverse

8. fray-n. a fight, scuffle739/I,i,118: “…right glad I am he

??????????????????was no at this fray…”

-frayed, frays

9. covert-adj. covered or protected739/I,i,126: “…and stole into the ??????????????????covert of the woods…”

-covertly, covertness

10. augment-v. to make greater739/I,i,133: “..with tears ??????????????????augmenting the fresh morning -augmentation, augmentativedew.”

11. portentous-adj. foreboring omnious740/I,i,142: “Black and portenous ??????????????????must his humor prove…”

-portenously, porpentousness

WordDefinition/Part of SpeechLocation Context

12. shrift-n. confession to a priest741/I,i,160: “To hear true shrift…”



13. woo-v. try to seek affection; to tempt745/I,ii,16: “…but woo her gentle ??????????????????Paris gether hurt…”

-wooed, wooing, woos

14. anguish-n. an organizing physical or men-746/I,ii,47: “One pain lessened by a

tal painanother’s anguish…”


-anguishing, anguishes

15. heretic-n. one that discents from an acc-747/I,ii,94: “…transparent heretic

epted belief or doctorineto be burnt for liars…”


-heretical, herticate

16. peril(ous)-n. exposure to danger750/I,iii,54: “A perilous knock and ??????????????????it cried bitterly…”

-perils, periled

17. disposition-n. ones usual mood750/I,iii,65: “…how stands your ??????????????????disposition to be married?”


18. beseech-v. to request earnestly751/I,iii,103: “…in extremity, ??????????????????invence hence to wait. I beseech…”

-beseeched, beseecher

19. woe-n. espressing sorrow or dismay752/I,iv,21: “…I cannot bound a ??????????????????path above dull woe.”

-woes, woer

20. visage-n. a fatal expression752/I,iv,29: “…give me a case to ??????????????????put my visage in…”


21. wanton(s)-adj. excessive cruelty753/I,iv,35: “A torch for me! Let ??????????????????wantons light of heart…”

-wantoned, wantonries

22. revel(s)-v. to take great pleasure755/I,iv,109: “…with this nights ??????????????????revels and expire the term.”

-reveled, reveling, revels

23. vile-adj. objectionable or unpleasent755/I,iv,111: “…by some vile ??????????????????forfeit of untimatly death.”

-viler, vileness

WordDefinition/Part of SpeechLocation Context

24. nuptual-adj. of marriage or wedding757/I,v,37: “…’tis since the nuptual ??????????????????of lucention…”

-nuptuals, nuptuality

25. rapier- n. a long slender sword757/I,v,57: “…


26. solemnity-n. the condition or quality of757/I,v,59: “…

being solemn


-solemnly, solemn

27. dispargement-n. the act of belittling758/I,v,72: “…


-dispargement, dispargingly

28. gall-n. something better to endure758/I,v,94: “…now seeming sweet, ??????????????????covert to bitterest gall.”

-galling, gallingly

29. purge(d)-v. to be free from impurities758/I,v,108: “…


-purger, purges

30. wax(es)v. to grow larger761/I,v,128


-waxing, waxed


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