Factors Affecting The Rate Of Osmosis Essay

, Research Paper

`Planning Osmosis is the net

movement of water molecules from a region of their higher concentration through

a partially permeable membrane. This movement usually takes place through a

membrane which is permeable to water but not to solutes.In my investigation I am going to be investigate the

factors affecting the rate of Osmosis. Some factors affecting this are:Length ? of membrane Temperature ? of water Concentration ? of solutionThe factor I am going to investigate is the length. Equipment Vising tubes Starch 2% Beaker Water Stop watch Weighing Scales First

I will get the vising tubing and I will fill it with 20ml starch then I

will measure the length, I am going to do 5 different lengths, 4cm, 6cm,

8cm, 10cm and 12cm. I will then weigh it before the test, then put it in a

beaker of water and leave it for 10mins after I will weigh it again. I am

going to do it 3 times so I can find an average for each measurement. Starch Vasing tubing Water I am going to make it a fair test by keeping the same

amount of starch solution and the same amount of time the vasing tubing is in

the water.Results Test 1.??????? Weight

Before???? Weight After??????? Water Gained 4cm?? ????????? 7.14?? ????????? ????????? 7.32??????????????????????????????? 0.18 6cm???????????? 10.81???????????????????? 11.02????????????????????????????? 0.21 8cm???????????? 11.75???????????????????? 12.56????????????????????????????? 0.81 10cm?????????? 11.83???????????????????? 12.99????????????????????????????? 1.16 12cm?????????? 12.34???????????????????? 13.79????????????????????????????? 1.45Test 2.??????? 4cm???????????? 9.96????????????????????? 10.25????????????????????????????? 0.29 6cm???????????? 10.33???????????????????? 10.68????????????????????????????? 0.35 8cm???????????? 11.83???????????????????? 12.76????????????????????????????? 0.93 10cm?????????? 11.99???????????????????? 13.01????????????????????????????? 1.02Test 3.??????? 4cm???????????? 9.01????????????????????? 9.12??????????????????????????????? 0.11 6cm???????????? 11.28???????????????????? 11.82????????????????????????????? 0.54 8cm???????????? 11.83???????????????????? 12.52????????????????????????????? 0.69 10cm?????????? 12.02???????????????????? 13.50????????????????????????????? 1.48 12cm?????????? 13.11???????????????????? 14.88????????????????????????????? 1.77Average 4cm

? 0.19 6cm

? 0.36 8cm

? 0.81 10cm

? 1.36 12cm

? 1.66????????? Analysing From my graph I have come to the conclusion that the

longer the vising tubing the more water is taken in. It fits a positive trend.

My results were good and there were no anomalous resultsConclusion I think my investigation went well, and was done with

quite a lot of care. Making sure the lengths were what we wanted was rather

difficult, as it was hard to tie the tubing, also if the tubing was not tied

tight enough the starch would leak out.?

If I did the investigation again I would use elastic bands to tie the

ends. In addition I could of don?t more results so it could have been more

accurate and detailed and also maybe investigate the temperatures or

concentrations that would effect the rate of Osmosis.


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