Comparing Creation Accounts Essay Research Paper The

Comparing Creation Accounts Essay, Research Paper

The creation of the earth and all that is within the earth is mysterious yet miraculous at the same time. Although there are probably hundreds of different accounts, they all seem to be different while almost identical in text. I will be comparing and contrasting between account one and account two in the book of Genesis.

In the beginning, according to Genesis in the bible, on the first day God created the heavens and the earth, God being all powerful. He then created light and dark, He called the light day and the dark night. After He saw this was good, He created a firmament, to separate the waters on the second day. He called the firmament heaven. On the third he made vegetation and trees of fruit. The fourth day he made two great lights and stars. He set these in the firmament to give light upon earth. On the fifth day he created great sea monsters and every living creature according to their kind. After seeing this was good on the sixth day decided to make man, in his own image, to have dominion over all creatures and anything else growing on earth. On the seventh day God finished his work and then rested, so God blessed the seventh day and hollowed it, because on it he rested from his work.

In the second account, after God makes the Heaven and the Earth, he realizes that there is no vegetation because he had not made it rain. So he watered the whole Earth and from the dust he created man. He then planted a Garden of Eden in the east, and placed the man there. He put him there to take care of it and to till it, telling him, You may eat freely except for that of the knowledge of the good and evil tree. Then the Lord didn t want him alone, so he created every animal, ones that fly, ones that crawl, and ones that swim. After this he saw that none was fit enough to be his companion, so God caused a deep sleep come over him and he then took one of his ribs and a woman out of it.

Now the serpent comes in the story. He talks Eve into eating of the tree in which God commanded them not to, and in turn she talks her husband into eating it too. After so they heard the Lord and tried to hide because they knew they were naked. When the Lord saw this he told the woman that because of this he was going to multiply her pain with childbearing, he told Adam in toil he will live for the rest of his life. He drove them out of the garden to till the ground from which he had taken. He and his wife then bore two sons Cain and Able. Able was the keeper of the sheep and Cain was the tiller of the ground. When they both brought offerings for the Lord, he had no regard for that of Cain s. So Cain rose up against his brother and killed him.

In conclusion, there are many different accounts of how the earth the things on it were formed, although they differ, some more than others, they all basically contain the same context.


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