Innocence Essay Research Paper InnocenceAccording to the

Innocence Essay, Research Paper


According to the dictionary innocence means that people do not know the bad thing of life or believe everything that you told. Children are innocence. They are living under their parents? protection so that they could not understand the bad thing of the real life. Things like social behavior, which could see that children are innocence. But they will grow up when more things happen to them, they will deserve more experience of life then become maturity.

As a child, they see a person that can give them goods as a good friend; they would like a cartoon character so much because it?s famous around their friends; they would follow doing the same thing as the person that they feel cool. They are really innocence. Let me give you an example: Try to ask a kid why he like ? Pokemon? so much, they would tell you that they don?t know. I believe that probable because everyone in his school likes it. Yes, children have no clue why they do it and do not know what the consequence will be. So somehow innocence could make children?s in troubles. So As an adult or parents, you need to teach those innocently children what is good things to do and what is bad, direct them a health way to earn more experiences of living and then they would grow up as maturity adult.

My aunt told me a thing that just happened recently, after I hear it I don?t believe that really happened. Two junior high school students stole so much stuff from a house, which it belongs to another classmate of them. My aunt knows both of them—the kid as a victim and the kid that stealing, because my aunt knows both of their parents and their parents met before too. One day after school, the victim kid went to play handball and forgot to bring his school bag back home—there were a key of the his house in the school bag. The other kid saw it and then he and his friend took the school bag and everything inside away, including the key. Because this kid went to the victim kid?s house once so he knows the address of the victim?s house. He and his friend took the key and went to the house, open the door and got into it, easily. And then he and his friend stole every worth stuff—like cash, games, CDs, and a grand new playing cards. On the next day after they?ve done that thing, the kid invited many friends to his house with a party—a victory party. They were listening the CDs in the party that they stole from the house, playing the games in the party, playing the grand new playing cards in the party. They really had fun. Because some of the people in the party found out those CDs, games are the missing stuffs from the victim kid?s house so they told that to the poor little kid which didn?t? get invite to the victory party. Finally they knew that who stole those things and how they did it without breaking the lock. The victim kid?s parents took everything back and then they talk to the two kids? parents, but didn?t call the police. They want to give a chance to that two innocence kids to amend their bad behaviors.

Children are really innocent. I believe that those two kids already broke the law and needed to arrest by policeman. But they didn?t realize that was a bad thing. So as their parents, I think they need to put more time to talk to their children and let them know innocence is not the excuse to make big mistake of their life.


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