David Duke Essay Research Paper The article

David Duke Essay, Research Paper

The article that I chose off of the David Duke internet site was written by none other then David Duke himself. Mr. Duke has had a very busy conservative career dating all the way back to 1974 when he was the director of the ?Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.? After holding a position there for a while he then became a member of the House of Representatives in 1989. He is currently the President and leader of the NOFEAR (National Organization for European American Rights) organization. When I visited the web site of David Duke I read through a couple of things and then landed on the article entitled ?America at the Crossroads? which touches on the issues of immigration and how it is slowing taking over our nation as we know it.

The first point that Mr. Duke makes that caught my eye was the statement ?Multi-Culturalism and Diversity are lies.? I wish that statement was taken out of context but it was not. He speaks about how there are black people running our country that have views that will let the minorities of the United States take over and have the white people become the minority. Duke commented on Marion Barry, the mayor of D.C., and how he was caught doing crack in the hotel of a prostitute. Granted that is not the example that we want to send our kids but he messed up. Barry went to jail and did his time and turned over a new leaf. Yes Barry was reelected by the people of our Nation?s Capital, but that is the point that it was by the people. I happen to come from a town that is no more then 5 miles from the Washington D.C. border and the area that I was born and raised was very political so I know a lot about politics. I know that the reason Barry was reelected was because when he was in office he did a lot for the city of D.C. and he was one of the best that D.C. has had in a while. One thing that Mr. Duke did not comment on was the leader of our Nation committing adultery in the most sacred of places in our Nation, the oval office. Clinton then went in front of the entire Nation and told us that ?[I] did not have sexual relations with this women.? Why did he stay in office? Because when he was doing his job he did great work for the American people.

Mr. Duke stated ?it will not take a numerical majority of aliens to bring us down, just a sizeable enough minority.? There a couple things about this statement that made me have a double take. The wording of the statement is such that the immigrates are labeled as aliens which makes them sound very much unlike us, the white race. Duke also says, ?to bring us down,? ?us? being the white race and ?down? meaning the fall of our culture.

David Duke continues on to list the ways that immigration has hurt our society. The list is seven ideas long and it starts every idea with ?they.? When Duke labels immigrates as ?they? he is really telling everyone that is reading his article that the minority population are not equal to us. Duke puts a mood throughout his article as saying that ?we?, the white race, need to stick together to ward off any of ?them?, the minority groups of our culture.

The one thing that I find it hard to understand is how someone that holds office under the government that ?we?, the United States as a whole, have created. It states perfectly clear that everyone should be considered equal. Our Nation is made of many different cultures and that is what makes America what it is. ?The land of the free? is not just a statement to make us look good; it has a lot of power behind it. We are the melting pot of the world, we are a society made up of many other cultures and that is what makes us unique. The articles that we read for the class are always talking about how we need to except all people for who they are and how we can consider everyone equal. ?We?, as a Nation, can not let people like David Duke hold office with such an ignorant view of our culture and think that we are making steps towards equality, if anything Duke is making us head in the wrong direction.


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