Odyssey Essay Research Paper The great muses

Odyssey Essay, Research Paper

The great muses are called upon by Homer to tell the great adventure of Odysseus

in his travel back to his home. Prayers are given to the Greek Gods and muses by

Homer in order to proceed this story. The Greeks life revolved around the gods

in a matter of fashion as we presently revolve around Christianity. The

depiction of the roles the gods played in the Odyssey is both presented in good

and evil. The Greeks portrayed their gods as powerful and merciful. However in

the Odyssey the gods play a role in a savior like Jesus Christ and the tormentor

like Satan. With the present role in the story of Odyssey the gods can be seen

as a key role in Odysseus life. Odysseus alone cannot have escaped the

treacherous Trojan War without the aid of the gods. However can it be reconcile

that the gods were truly the ones who controlled our lives? In Odysseus?s case

the gods played a vital role. Throughout the entire story Athena was the crutch

Odysseus and his family leaned on in the time of aid. Through the treacherous

paths Odysseus traveled it was hope of seeing Penelope and his son Telemachus

that brought him strength and wisdom. With the loves one left behind Odysseus

fearlessly face the gods and tramples over their challenges. Without the help of

Athena and her wisdom and devotion to Odysseus his challenges would be help with

no boundaries. With Athena on Odysseus side, he was able to return home without

any harms done to him or his family. With the gods in favor of Odysseus return

all he had to fight was the challenges Poseidon threw at him. With the water

being the only road back to his home this challenge was fare more difficult then

the Trojan War itself. With the guidance of Athena Odysseus was safely returned

to Ithica. Even though Athena played a key role in Odysseus life she was still

unable to protect him from the challenges he faced with Poseidon, Calypso, and

Helios. The gods can be seen as Odysseus?s sub-conscience. Athena being

Odysseus?s wisdom, Helios the jealousy hidden in our curiosity, Calypso the

temptation we face, and Poseidon the challenges in life we face everyday. These

main Gods played a key role in Odysseus?s life. Poseidon tormented blinded

Polyphemus. Poseidon would have never tormented Odysseus if only he kept his

boastful self-quiet. A lesson in life learned by Odysseus to keep him self-

humble at all times. Odysseus faced other challenges that slowed his journey

towards home seem longer. Calypso who kept Odysseus on her island for seven

years offered him the impossible. Odysseus with his wife in mind declined the

gift for a passage towards home. With temptation and challenges that blockaded

Odysseus journey home. However Odysseus and his deceased crew could of made it

home safely if it wasn?t for the curiosity and jealousy of the crew to open

the bag of wind and their evil temptation to kill and eat Helios cows. The gods

playing minor roles it was human nature that brought the crewmembers to their

doom and slowed Odysseus down from returning home. Homer portrayed human nature

with the gods and goddesses. We are our own enemy. We are the ones who lay the

path in our life and destination. However there are bumps in the word that slow

us down and break us down. With hope we resist temptation and fight evil off.

The gods in the Odyssey portrayed the good and evil in human nature. Odysseus

being the hero of the Odyssey resisted and learned valuable lessons in life on

his adventure back home.


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