Iago Essay Research Paper Iago is a

Iago Essay, Research Paper

Iago is a fascinating character in the play Othello. He seems to be the

main character as everything seems to evolve around him, he makes

mischievous plans towards Othello because he hates him.

?I hate the moor,?

He is also being paid by Roderigo, (a dim but wealthy character) to make

Desdemona (Othello?s wife) fall in love with him so he can marry her. In

this essay I will go through some thoughts of Iago and what he is like and


Iago is intelligent so he knows that he is trusted by most people, so

therefore uses it for his purposes. Throughout the play he is often called,

“Honest Iago.” He even says so of himself.

“I am an honest man”

Trust takes a long time to achieve and takes a few seconds to destroy.

Iago is a master of destruction in this case using other characters trust

to enforce his own plans. Iago slowly manipulates people’s brains, creating

strange ideas in their heads.

“And what’s he — and honest,”

Iago says here that he is a master of deception, and that he is acting the

part of a villain. People never consider that Iago could be manipulating

them, because he is known as “Honest Iago.”

In act 1 scene 3 Iago thinks of a plan, to get revenge on Othello.

He wants revenge because he suspects that Othello has slept with his

wife. So to get him back he will make Othello suspicious of Cassio by

making it seem that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.

?He?s done my — if for surety.?

Also this shows that Iago has no faith in his wife and thinks that she will

cheat on him, but he doesn?t like the thought that it could be with

Othello. But Othello trusts Iago so it could be easy to convince him.

?Honest Iago?

?He holds me well; — work on him.?

Iago sets the affair up with Cassio because it will be believable for these

two to be having an affair, the way Cassio acts is enough proof.

?That I extend my manners; ?tis my breeding?

It is also said that Cassio is a ?Proper man? this means that he is

handsome so most girls are attracted to him.

Iago easily fools Roderigo, right from the start Iago has already

taken advantage of him, by taking his money to set him up with


“That thou, Iago, who hast had my purse.”

Throughout the play, Iago tells Roderigo that he hates the Moor and

wants revenge on Othello himself.

?I hate the moor?

He tells Roderigo to ?make money? so that he can give gifts to

Desdemona to win her over. But what Iago is really doing is taking money

from Roderigo for himself. He does not see this and goes along with it

thinking that Iago will bring the two together in the end. At one point

Roderigo talks of killing himself as he has no chance with Desdemona.

Iago cunningly advises him not too, but to buy a fake beard and come to

Cyprus with them.

?follow though — usurped beard;?

Iago also plays Cassio for a fool to in the play because Cassio

trusts him like Roderigo. Iago wants to take Cassio?s job so he forms a

plan that involves Roderigo. On the night that Cassio is on watch Iago

convinces him to have another drink so he can make him drunk. Cassio

takes another drink even after disagreeing.

“I’ll do’t, but it dislikes me.”

Iago is able to make him have another drink because he is clever enought

to. Roderigo follows the plan that Iago has set, making Cassio chase him

for a fight, Cassio is then stopped by Montano who gets injured. Iago is

asked what has happened and he tells Othello which leads to the sacking

of Cassio. Cassio is distrought by this decision Iago sets another of his

plans up by convices Cassio to beg Desdemona to help him get his job


“she holds it a — she is requested.”

With this Cassio?s hopes were risen and he goes of on his journey to ask


“You advise me well.”


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