Stalinism 2 Essay Research Paper Stalinism To

Stalinism 2 Essay, Research Paper

Stalinism. To mention this term, this policy, is to evoke panic and fright in almost all Russians. Stalin rose to become the dictator of Russia in 1929, and remained in that position until 1953. He morphed the Soviet Union from what was once one of the world’s most underdeveloped countries to one of the greatest in industrialization. “Socialism in one country” was his policy, and it quickly became a ubiquitous law. Stalin ruled his country with fear and an atmosphere of terror was constantly present in the Soviet Union.

Stalin organized Russia with five-year plans. The first was in 1928, wherein he forced people into labor. He hoped to develop industry rapidly, and this policy was thought to be essential in order to obtain a quick growth. In 1932 he created a second plan. During these ten years, development expanded by vast amounts; coal production grew three and a-half times while the manufacturing of iron and steel soared to become four of it’s original size. Moreover, in this plan Stalin ordered that all farms be unified so that he could control all farm production. This policy was also inaugurated to assimilate the kulaks, a group of peasants with their own land. Although many of the kulaks resisted Stalin, eventually they were relocated or killed,

and therefore annihilated as a class. Stalin thought in order to maintain control of the state all enemies and possible rivals had to be eliminated. Many times, for instance during the Kirov episode, Stalin organized enormous campaigns against those he thought were his opponents. By 1938, he had already executed the “old Bolsheviks.” Millions of people worried that they might be next to in line to be killed or attacked by the secret police and Russia had quickly become a State where any negative actions, let alone thoughts, against Stalin were considered intolerable! Under Stalin’s rule, Russia was what many declared a “reign of terror.”

Although Stalin’s main interest was improving Russia, it seemed as if he took communism to a new level. He industrialized Russia faster than any other country before it and the changes he established caused a massive revolution. Although he asked the workers to produce for “mother Russia,” it was obvious that Stalin was most concerned about himself. He felt it necessary to certify that his personal power was secure, and would do anything to maintain his authority. Under Stalin’s rule, Russia was a compressed country drenched in endless panic and fear.


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