To Kill A Masterpeic Essay Research Paper

To Kill A Masterpeic Essay, Research Paper

To Kill A Masterpiece

Harper Lee?s To Kill A Mockingbird tells a tremendous story that touches on issues of racism and injustice in Alabama during the 1930s. Lee presents to her readers a realistic view as to how people of that time spoke and behaved. She also uses language that some consider offensive to help illustrate the injurious episodes of our country?s past. The content of the novel has caused much controversy over time. As a sad and upsetting result, To Kill A Mockingbird has been removed from a number of school reading lists.

Schools around the country post arguments about the themes of violence, racism, and strong language exercised in the novel. Book banning is used simply to make the United States a more ?politically correct? country, yet intern demolishes the ideas in which this country was first born. The book is looked upon as ?dangerous because of profanity and undermining of race relations.?(anonymous) Lee?s usage of profanity serves only the purpose to narrate a true time in America when our country, on the most part, accredited that type of language as acceptable. Township schools in Warren, Indiana also argue that To Kill A Mockingbird ?represents institutionalized racism under the guise of ?good literature?.? Lee does repeatedly use racial slurs in the dialogue with her characters, but that, again, allows one to comprehend our nation?s history. To not include the slurs in her story would be depriving students? full knowledge about America.

Lee, emphasizes her novel on the white-black racial problems during the 1930s. She presents her beliefs as actions and emotions through her protagonists. Most likely, the detailed composition on racism acts as the trigger on the majority of why schools want to ban the book from reading lists. Countless other distinguished books such as Of Mice and Men, Little House on the Prairie, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, and Frankenstein found themselves banned on absurd grounds. Senseless motives like the book being a ?real downer? does not show intelligent reasoning. If book banning continues at its current rate and for such dense motives, students inadvertently grow to be deprived of great literary works.

To Kill A Mockingbird focuses on other themes of compassion, friendship, respect, and trust, too. Overall, the novel shines as a masterpiece. If Lee made the decision to withdraw from actually using racial slurs and violence in her novel, there almost certainly would be no debate on whether to ban the book or not. On the other hand, student readers obtain a book that cheats them out of their right to know the truth. The book undergoes the guise of a faultless America. Fortunately, Harper Lee wrote the book to her beliefs and produced a masterpiece. Why should her readers suffer such a great consequence because the book exhibits the truth to its readers? A great man once said ?You cannot simply evaporate the truth by suggesting it never existed and denying the facts.?(Franklin Roosevelt)


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