Relational Power Essay Research Paper PerezA slight

Relational Power Essay, Research Paper


A slight alteration to an evidential Consequence: A relational power structure.

The Contrast of Jen Gish s who Irish? and Chela Sandoval s Methodology of the Oppressed can be understood as relational forces in which one can change the other in both respects. The Idea of a neo-post modernist theory has presented it self in Who Irish. This neo-post modernist theory is disec6ted in the Sandoval piece. This theory is motivated by power and its relationship to social interaction. The evaluation of how humans react to each other in the social system is by those binary which people diachronically inflicted on one another through the discriminatory means of race, gender and sexual orientation.

The new theory of the evolution of power has allotted itself in the simple form of commodity i.e., monetary units. Now the more evidently the concept is that if you have money you have power, you achieve this level of equality with in the capitalist society. In Gish s who s Irish? the story of an older Asian woman is told through her eyes. The narrator symbolizes the pervious way of thinking, the old meeting the new. The new being the way of life of her daughter. In the home structure of this house the man (john) is the obsolete figure. The daughter is the strong stable figurehead that maintains the family and hold tit all together. The position has being synchronically throughout time been the males position to hold the position the daughter is holding. The child Sophie is the product of this new generation of independent women that have a mind of their own. All these characters have an equal chance at power, based on Sandoval s theory of power as a relational structure.. The concept is to falsify the idea that we all get our share of the honey pot just as long as we work hard to get what we want. This theory is not an all in all bad one but it separates the fact that those that do not have will not have. Systematically one must work with the system to achieve what the system as to offer. The guild line to this system of capital gain is that you must gain capital. If money is being pored into these peoples pockets such as rappers like Nelly, Jay ZZ and so on, this does not necessarily mean all people of their once class level will get any anything because of them. They have a target market in with they (investors) can promote, exploit and achieve this new level of market; The new edge on marketing . These e people (white investors) pick and chose who did the best shows and promote capitalism and represent the social dysfunctions of the rest of the population in which they derive from. The idea here is simple the more you give your self to corporate America the more you lose the identity that separates you from the greed of capitalism. Another concept that cannot be ignored with it is evaluation is that point Sandoval made about the trickle down effect. The idea may all be true to some extent but the fact still remains that the percentage of people achieving the excess of capital is and will never be the same percentage of those that created this legal tender for trade. Audre Lord says it best the masters tools will never dismantle the masters house . You will never reach this common ground of equality in ALL aspects with out the removing the problem the binary of those that have and that don t have. This theory will only separate the classes with more restrictive categories, making it harder to live and to have.


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