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Oregon Driving Laws Essay Research Paper There

Oregon Driving Laws Essay, Research Paper

There are about one million teenagers at the age of sixteen in the state of Oregon who will be getting their license very soon, or if not already. Now as of March 1, 2000 a teenager that applies for their license after this date is enforced to abide by certain ridiculous restrictions. These new driving laws in the state of Oregon should be eliminated.

Admittedly, these laws will be good for teenagers with nothing else to do, except for the fact that it could lead to breaking the law, which means more of the young population in trouble. The law will chain down kids trying to gain respect and responsibility. Under these laws teens have less freedom and less room to grow up. Not only will they lack responsibility; they also don’t have the opportunity to grow socially. All of the restrictions control when you can drive and who may go with you. When a teenager gets their license, they expect freedom and respect. Without this small request they feel trapped and will eventually cause students to rebel and ignore the law.

In addition, the purpose of having a learners permit is to drive and learn the guidelines to being a good defensive driver. Also you learn how to maintain concentration while other are around. Within that year’s time your driving skills should be well enough to determine where and when you may drive and who can join you. The law states that anyone under the age of 25, unless they are immediate family may not be with you for the first six months. Comparing that restriction to your permit rules, there is not much change. These new laws do nothing but prolong the term of being free with a car, which is preposterous. Being able to drive to work or school events during the hours of 12pm and 5am, is the same kind of treatment a driver on probation gets for too many DUI tickets.

Furthermore, why shouldn’t teenagers be aloud to give there friends rides to school, or maybe a ride to a neighboring town? What would something like this hurt, especially if you haven’t ever been ticketed for any offence. You would think that if a friend is in the car and they been driving lately too then maybe they could give tips to help you improve. Teenagers can drive with friends in the car when they have a learners permit. So why should this be different when you have a driver’s license? This gives no chance or leniency to the new driver. These are some the things that these laws are being held stupid for. That’s why these laws should be eliminated from the state of Oregon.

Most importantly, these laws could be specialized for the teenagers that have a bad record such as any felonies. If the driver has been cited once then they get the laws. If they have been cited twice then they get there license suspended for a month and then might learn. This would give reason for the troubled teens to have to follow the new restrictions, and for the teenagers that haven’t been cited to have freedom unless they get in trouble. Then the parents of the teens that are good can decide whether or not to let there kid’s do they please. By providing the troubled teenagers with the new laws and the good teens with freedom this might relieve tension with the Oregon State driving laws.

In conclusion, there are multiple reasons why the Oregon State driving laws should be eliminated, and not enforced on all of today’s modern teenagers. But by a few of the proposed altercations these new restrictions can be tolerated by society. And the sweet sixteen year-old drivers can be free again.