Frankenstein 2 Essay Research Paper FrankensteinFrankenstein or

Frankenstein 2 Essay, Research Paper


Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley is a horror story. However, its ghoulishness involves the way that we treat each other and how self-centered we can be when chasing our ambitions. The novel teaches the powerful lesson that passion intemperate by moral responsibility leads to destruction.

The novel opens in the desolate Alps with Dr. Victor Frankenstein telling his horrid tale to Walton, an explorer on a voyage to search for the North Pole. The story of Frankenstein takes place in Geneva, with Frankenstein s family and fianc e, Elizabeth and in England where he studies anatomy and works to create his creature.

Victor Frankenstein begins his story with the death of his mother during the birth of his younger brother William. The death of his mother spurred an interest in science and the human body. He thought if he could learn to create a human being he could learn how to end the suffering of losing a loved one. Frankenstein then leaves to England to the University of Ingolstadt where he studies anatomy and begins his creation of a human being. He begins to construct his creature by collecting dead bodies and parts. He works for endless nights until his creature is finally finished. When his creature comes to life Victor realizes that he has created a monster and runs in terror. When he returns to his laboratory his creature is gone.

Nearly two years later he receives a letter from his father informing him of the death of his youngest brother William. Victor quickly returns home to mourn with his family and Elizabeth. As Victor walks through the countryside near his home he has his first encounter with his monster. In fear Victor begins to scream at the beast to leave him to mourn the death of his brother. The monster tells him to be calm and begins to tell him of his life for the past two years. He explains how he learned to speak, and read by watching a family in the woods, his encounters of Paradise Lost, and ultimately he explained how he took the life of Victor s youngest brother. The monster then explained to Victor his loneliness and requested him to make a bride for him. He explained to Victor the deal, Victor was to make another female creature and the monster would disappear and leave him alone forever.

Victor then returned to London to begin his second creation when he realizes what he is about to do. Victor destroys his lab and swares never to play god again. At this the beast enters and threatens Victor that if he will not make him a bride he will be with him on his wedding night.

Victor returns home to embrace his love, Elizabeth, and they plan their wedding. When the wedding finally comes, Victor has guards set around their cabin but they are useless and the beast enter the room and takes the life of Victor s new bride.

Victor, having lost everything, swares to avenge his family s deaths. He wanders through the Alps in search of his creature, until he meets Walton, and then dies. Walton then meets the creature, who has come to mourn the death of his father, his creator.

I would recommend this novel to anyone. It is a great love story but with the chilling suspense of a horror. It also teaches a great lesson how people get so caught up in their dreams and goals that they cannot see what is happening to them and their family. As Victor Frankenstein said it himself, Seek happiness in tranquility and avoid ambition, even if it be only the apparently innocent one.


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