Columbus As A Great Explorer Essay Research

Columbus As A Great Explorer Essay, Research Paper

Columbus was a great explorer and a tremendous benefit to the world.

Instead of listing his down sides, we should concentrate on all the things he has accomplished. Because of Columbus people live longer, achieved something many people would not have dared to do at his time, and today the world population is spread out throughout the world. For this, he should be celebrated for the great person that he was.

First of all, because Columbus discovered the New World people now live 1/3 longer than they did during his time. Columbus breakthrough led the world into an agricultural revolution. As the supply of food increased, the health of the world also increased. As a result, people began to live longer. Today the population has multiplied ten times in the past 150 years. This all happened because of Columbus and his findings. We would not be as healthy human beings if were not for him.

Secondly, even though Columbus may have done things that are considered cruel, he was able to do something that no one else could and he did it with primitive equipment. He was able to find his way to the New World and back to Spain using only a compass, and astrolabe. He did have caravel ships with Lateen sail, but it was a miracle that he did what he did. Columbus was accused of cruelty to animals and humans, but so was everyone else at his time. Just like today everyone goes to school, everyone in Columbus time was cruel. Yes, Columbus wanted to enslave the Native Americans, but other people also wanted to enslave Africans. He should not be condemned because he was a man of his time when he was able to do so many great things.

More over, without Columbus courage, we would all be living in Europe. Thanks to him, mankind is distributed throughout the entire world. Life would be a lot different if we were crowded, living in Europe. Now we have the Americas to spread out in. Yes, we may have taken the land from other people, but that is life. You have to protect your land if you want to keep it. Plus, the Native Americans should have to share the land. They have enough for themselves. People in Europe should not have to live like herds of cattle just so that the Native Americans can have their land.

In conclusion, Columbus had an overall positive effect on the world. Some people might not have been happy, but he did many great things for the world. Those are the things that should be highlighted instead of all of his faults. No one person is perfect and everyone has their own faults. Such as people now live longer, he managed to do the impossible and the population is now spread out among all the countries of the world.


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